From zero to production in a few weeks: a Datalogics success story from one of our own

Throughout the last year or so at Datalogics, we’ve been hard at work developing our first document processing solution in the Cloud: the Datalogics PDF Utility API, now available on the AWS Marketplace. The Datalogics PDF Utility API is an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) that provides users with powerful, private, and flexible PDF conversion and preservation capabilities that are easy to implement into your own workflows and projects, using a production-ready RESTful API.

The AMI is so powerful that we were inspired to reimagine how we showcase our suite of PDF SDKs, Command Line Applications, and Workflow solutions, so we applied the same technology that powers the AMI to power our new, reimagined web demos that are currently being added to the Datalogics website. With these new demos, you can easily and intuitively test out our document processing tools before buying them, with just a few clicks of a button!

As PDF experts with 20+ years in the space, our first updated product demo is near and dear to us. We wanted to showcase some of the essential functionality that our clients all over the world depend on; our ability to support conversion of files, documents, and web content to PDFs that meet industry standards to ensure your content can be consistently produced and visible to your recipients while also improving searchability.

Check out the new demo here!

This demo allows you to drop in files that you need to convert to PDF, such as Microsoft Office files, images, PostScript files, or HTML files. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! Simply drop the file you wish to convert into the demo, configure the elements that are important for you and your business, and download the resulting output PDF file.

We sat down with our Digital Marketing Strategist & Web Developer, Tom Bunch, to discuss how simple it was for him to create the demo. Even with intermediate skills in coding and development, our API was so easy to understand that Tom was able to create a production-ready product showcase quickly and easily. Here’s how our conversation went:


LS: Tell me a little bit about your career background and how you ended up working in tech.

TB: I got a bachelor’s degree in Journalism, but I ended up in digital marketing because that’s where the job market was more lucrative. I started working for an ad agency learning SEO, and eventually learned how to work with HTML and CSS directly. That brought me to Datalogics to focus on SEO and front-end development work. During my time here, I have learned how to use JavaScript, and I also took a full-stack development class which helped me hone my coding and developing skills further.

LS: How much coding and development experience would you say you have currently?

TB: I’d consider myself an intermediate coder. I’m proficient, but not an expert and I am by no means an engineer.

LS: Have you ever worked with a document processing API before?

TB: No, this is the first time working with an API of this nature. This is a great tool to start with for someone who is newer to this kind of work.

LS: Describe your experience working with the API while creating the demo.

TB: The documentation was really easy to understand, and I didn’t get lost figuring out how to use the API. Honestly, creating the front-end of the demo was more challenging than actually posting files to the API and getting a result, which was very easy.

LS: What would you say to potential customers who are interested in using the Datalogics Utility API for their own projects?

TB: The Datalogics PDF Utility API really delivers! It’s easy to understand even for someone with basic coding experience. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a solution to their document conversion or processing needs.


Big thanks to Tom for taking the time to share his experience, and talents! Check out his handiwork and experience the power of the Datalogics PDF Utility API in our FLIP2PDF demo. If you have any questions about our demo, installable or cloud-based products or technology, please reach out to us! We are happy to help with anything you may need.

We are offering a FREE 30-day trial of the Datalogics PDF API on AWS Marketplace. CLICK HERE to take advantage of this offer and start your free trial today!

Happy developing!

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