Is This the End of Shelfware?

Shelfware is a phrase that is commonly used in the enterprise and in corporations where volume license prices are given, and the corporation purchases more software than really needed to obtain that discount. (Definition credit to Webopedia)

Shelfware can also describe software that never gets deployed because it is too complex to deploy, it doesn’t solve the business problem it was purchased to solve, or because priorities change between purchase and deployment.

Datalogics has been selling software for a long time now, and over the years we’ve had customers tell us several things: their needs were temporary or transitional, they didn’t know how much capacity they needed to license, or they didn’t know how many servers would be required to handle spikes in demand.

Software licensing schemes did not previously address such capacity flexibility. For example, if you need 30 servers on the last day of the month, but don’t need any until then, you will end up paying for peak capacity that goes unused most of the time. Shelfware costs don’t just entail software costs. If you need 30 servers to handle a spike in demand, you need to buy that much hardware and allocate that much space in your data center, pay for that much electricity, and air condition a data center that is heated up by 30 servers that sit on standby for most of the month.

The Cloud Changes Everything

The promise of the Cloud is capacity on demand that you only pay for if and when you actually use it. Just like Uber and Lyft are changing transportation and consumer’s auto purchasing habits, Cloud services give developers a new way to license technology and harness processing power that, for many, is a better fit for their needs. Entrepreneurs think their businesses will grow, and want their businesses to grow, but tying up precious capital for hardware and software early on may be the reason those businesses don’t grow fast enough to fully utilize such investments. When a business grows faster than anticipated, it can take precious time and capital to add capacity. With Cloud-based micro-services, developers can deliver solutions based on web services that scale on demand, but that have zero or minimal costs when not utilized.

Datalogics PDF Private REST APIs – Capacity on Call | Available on AWS Marketplace

At Datalogics, we aim to make software development easier and less expensive, while allowing customers to scale their solutions as needed. With the release of our PDF Private REST APIs on AWS Marketplace, we are providing developers access to the most commonly requested capabilities of our PDF tools as on-demand services. Developers can build solutions by spinning up and connecting to their own virtual machines in AWS, as needed.  Our Amazon Machine Image enables these virtual machines to come pre-loaded to support the most commonly requested capabilities of Datalogics PDF tools via RESTful API requests. Learn more here.

Datalogics PDF REST APIs – Free API Calls

If you need to create or manage document workflows, but don’t want to set up your own Amazon Machine Image, the free (for 14 days) PDF REST APIs may be right for you. This API service allows you to integrate our PDF technology into your own workflows by requesting an API key. Check it out here.

The game-changer in these offerings is that, while both are built with the scalability of Amazon Web Services, customers will only need to pay for the PDF Private API based on actual usage instead of expected maximum usage. There are no upfront license costs or annual subscription fees, no hardware to purchase and configure, just actual usage-based charges.

Datalogics is making these available now and we will continue to add commonly requested capabilities as developers request them. Our team is currently adding PDF/A conversion capabilities so that our customers in regulated industries can use these services for compliance and long-term document archiving. Be sure to let us know what capabilities you want to see next by filling out this form.

Is this the end of shelfware?

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