Bill of Lading: Print it Faster

If you are reading this article, there’s a good chance you already know what a Bill of Lading (BoL) is. But if not, a BoL is a required document issued by a carrier that is needed each time freight shipments need to be moved. The BoL is essentially a contract between a freight carrier and a shipper, and needs to be provided to a carrier upon pick up. Any delays in providing and processing a BoL can cause major problems: missed delivery dates, deadlines, and costing both parties delays and extra cost.

A BoL is typically generated on a centralized server, and an electronic copy is sent to the remote office to be filled out. Once a final copy PDF is created, it’s sent to the remote office printer. This process is extremely time sensitive. Both the carrier and shipper are waiting for the BoL to be printed so that the shipment can be sent on its way. If the remote office is indeed a “remote” location where the internet connection isn’t great, getting this important document to print might be challenging.

Now, imagine after all of that waiting, the document is finally ready…but its barcode did not get printed properly, and a font did not get processed by the remote print application. Unfortunately, the process now needs to start over.

This story might sound far-fetched, but it happens more often than you think. Low quality PDF print applications are often used in enterprise mission-critical processes. As a result, we see the scenario above. Poor PDF print automation applications will create bloated files and will consistently miss-print content.

For situations where you are automating mission-critical print processes, like BoL printing, we created PDF2PRINT. PDF2PRINT creates very compact spool files – often 20-30 times smaller than other tools. This will greatly improve your remote print processes as files that are sent over the network need to be significantly smaller. PDF2PRINT is built with the Adobe PDF Library – guaranteeing your mission-critical documents will be processed properly.

If you are looking to improve an existing process that’s giving you trouble, or are considering implementing print automation within your business from scratch, give PDF2PRINT a try. Click here for a free trial.

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