Generating 2D barcodes in PDF with PDF WebAPI

It has been a while since we have posted about PDF WebAPI and this week is a great time to update everyone about what is going on with it.

Last week, we attended the PDF Technical Conference at Adobe’s headquarters in San Jose, where we presented what we have been working on with PDF WebAPI. This week we are attending JavaOne discussing the same topic – generating 2D barcodes with PDF WebAPI!

Our PDF Java Toolkit has been capable of generating 2D barcodes in PDF Forms for some time now (and recently we have been improving the developer experience of using this feature, more on that in a later post), and our PDF WebAPI has been able to fill in PDF Forms almost since its inception. We have now combined these two features together!  When you fill in a PDF Form using PDF WebAPI, and the PDF Form has a barcode field, we will generate the appearance of that barcode for you (if you are on a paid plan that is).

Barcodes in PDF are extremely powerful! They help automate the world by allowing a user to scan the barcode and get the data from the form as either tab delimited or XML.  This allows the user to process their PDFs however it best fits into their businesses workflow.

We are excited to talk with everyone about barcodes and PDF in general, so if you happen to be at JavaOne this week stop by our booth and meet both Joel Geraci and myself (along with some of our other colleagues). If you can’t make it out to see us at JavaOne, feel free to leave some feedback here or over on our feedback site powered by the good folks at uservoice.

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