Merging PDF Documents: More to It Than you Think

We are excited to share a new article Merging PDF Documents: How to Ensure Accuracy and Efficiency that we have shared and posted with our friends at Code Project – you can find the article here.
In this article, we explore important factors you should be aware of when merging PDF documents. We provide guidance and best practices on how to avoid creating excessively large PDF files, maintaining PDF data structure integrity, how to avoid inadvertently removing critical elements from your PDFs, and also how to prevent PDFs from ballooning with duplicate font subsets and issues that might arise by the improper handling of other elements such as metadata, bookmarks and the table of contents.
To implement proper PDF merging, it is vital that you choose the right tool and a trusted solutions provider. You should make sure that the tool chosen is not only built for enterprise-level implementations, but also backed by an expert support team that can help you with any challenges you might encounter. The Adobe PDF Library from Datalogics is built with the same core technology that Adobe uses to build Acrobat, and is an SDK designed to edit, assemble, and optimize your PDF documents, ensuring that you provide the best possible files for your audience and users.
Download a free evaluation of the Adobe PDF Library from our website, and start achieving accurate and efficient PDF merging in your workflow.

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