CloudOnly_lgHey everyone! It has been an exciting few months at Datalogics in terms of working with the PDF WebAPI. We have been working hard on building a library for .NET that is now available on NuGet! This library has actually served two purposes for us: one, it helps developers who want to use the Datalogics PDF WebAPI without having to worry about learning how to construct the requests and instead just provides a set of objects to work with; and two, it is the library that drives the Connected Service that we are working on for Visual Studio!

What’s that? You haven’t heard about Connected Services in Visual Studio yet? Head over to this Channel 9 video to learn about them! Microsoft has been hard at work on providing a consistent experience for developers who integrate services into their applications so that instead of learning the ins and outs of those services they can focus on building their application! Hopefully if you are attending //build you will get a chance to learn about Connected Services more in depth.

Over the next week or so expect to hear more from us about Connected Services and the PDF WebAPI! Don’t forget to drop by and see us at Microsoft Ignite where you might catch us demoing the PDF WebAPI by using our shiny new Connected Service!
From the PDF WebAPI team at Datalogics!

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