The Prerelease of the Datalogics WebAPI available now

You are invited to join the prerelease of the Datalogics WebAPI. The Datalogics WebAPI is a RESTful API that allows you to manipulate PDF files without the need to install any software on your own server or desktop. Datalogics will be offering these and other services on a subscription basis at some point in the future.

The three services that are available for limited use and collecting feedback are FillForm, FlattenForm and RenderPages.
About the Services:
FillForm will take a PDF form and either a FDF or XFDF file as input and return a new PDF with the data merged and calculations executed.
FlattenForm will take a PDF form as input and return a “flattened” version removing any form fields and leaving only the field appearances in their place; annotations are also flattened.

Note: The FlattenForm service flattens PDF form fields; annotation flattening and transparency flattening is not supported at this time and will likely be a separate service offering.

RenderPages will take a PDF file as input and will return either a multipage TIFF file of the pages you specify for conversion or a single page in a variety of other web image formats like jpeg or png. The RenderPages service uses the Adobe PDF Library and the Adobe Color Engine for the conversion so you get the most accurate color conversion available today.

The Future:
We plan to expand these services to include common PDF workflows like combining documents, adding watermarks, optimization.

To begin testing you will need to get an API key. Please go to the documentation page at the URL below to get started. Also, because we are testing the usability of the documentation and sample clients as well as the service, this is all the help I can give you at this time.

Questions can be posted at the newly created forum at

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