Updated PDF WebAPI and RenderPages Demo

We’ve been busy over here at Datalogics. Today we updated our demonstration of RenderPages; one of the Datalogics PDF WebAPI request types included in the service. The Datalogics PDF WebAPI offers secure cloud-based RESTful APIs for PDF processing, based on foundation technologies from Adobe. In demonstration mode, the new RenderPages demo will allow you to convert the first page of a PDF file to an image. You can choose from TIF, JPG, PNG, and other formats with resolutions up to 2400 dpi. RenderPages is built on the Adobe PDF Library and uses The Adobe Color Engine for unrivaled color management during the PDF conversion process. You get the same color from RenderPages as you do from Acrobat, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and other Adobe products that use color management. By signing up for a free developer key and id, you can convert up to the first 10 pages as well as integrate the WebAPI into your own applications. Other pricing plans  allow you to make a higher number of calls per minute, increasing the number of pages that can be converted or any other kind of call from WebAPI.

Updates to the PDF WebAPI:

In addition to the new demo, we’ve made improvements to the rendering of images at thumbnail resolutions so that even the most complicated page layouts produce smooth, clean looking, previews for you to use as links to your PDF files.
We also released a significant update to the DecorateDocument request type. DecorateDocument can add headers and footers, watermarks, and backgrounds to a PDF file. The content for the headers and footers, watermarks, or backgrounds, are drawn on the pages based on instructions described as JSON. All of the document decorations created by the WebAPI are interoperable with Acrobat which means that the output from the service can be used in your existing workflows without corrupting them. While maintaining interoperability with Acrobat, the JSON options have allowed us to extend what you can do with each of these decorations. For example, the DecorateDocument request type supports facing pages, allowing you to set mirrored inside and outside margins and text rather than being limited to just left and right. DecorateDocument will then automatically apply the correct header and footer for the even and odd pages, again, maintaining complete interoperability with Acrobat.
We have some pretty serious updates to the FillForm coming up as well so stay tuned.

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