Back from PDF Days, and Announcing PDF Alchemist

TravelAnother great trip back to Europe, though I’ll admit I’m happy to have a month where I’m not scheduled to travel anywhere. PDF Days Europe was a great event, just as it’s been in years past. I’m always happy to get a chance to catch up with everyone we know in the PDF community, make new acquaintances and hear some great talks; this year was no different. I was honored to chair the English language track on Monday, and hopefully I lived up to this by starting the track out with my views on how the community can help keep PDF strong and vital in the years to come – though I did disguise this at first, as a talk about complaints others have had about PDF in its two decades of public availability. Check back at the PDF Association website for video of the sessions in July, once everyone’s videos are edited and ready for presentation.

A hotly discussed topic at PDF Days was about the intersection of PDF and small-screen devices such as smartphones and tablets, and how the fixed-size basis of PDF functions in the mobile environment. More and more people are getting up from their desktop PCs and notebooks, expecting the information in their PDFs to be available on the move, no matter the form factor of the device. In support of this brave new world, Datalogics has announced our Datalogics PDF Alchemist product for PDF to HTML conversion. PDF Alchemist turns the information in PDF files into reflowable, reusable HTML for presentation in any environment. While PDF Alchemist is still under development, we’re set to provide preview copies to those interested and gearing up for our initial product release in mid-July.

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