FLIP2PDF: Benefits of Our Newest Conversion Tool

Datalogics recently brought FLIP2PDF, our newest PDF solution, to market. We’d been hearing for years that folks just like you needed an easy way to convert Microsoft Office files, images, and PostScript files to PDF. We created this new product because you asked for it! PDF is the most universally used document type in the world; we use them everyday, and we typically don’t give them much thought. If you work with them on an enterprise level, however, you know the complexities and challenges of this particular file format. FLIP2PDF, available in Pro and Premium versions, is perfect for getting around some of those complexities while providing big benefits.

How can FLIP2PDF help you?

FLIP2PDF easily converts MS Office files, images, and PostScript files to PDF, but the largest benefit here is that this tool can easily do so in bulk. Within the time it takes you to convert one document, a huge bulk conversion can happen. You now have full control over your PDF process, and not to mention, industry-leading accuracy. Looking to get the same level of accuracy you expect from Acrobat? You can get that with FLIP2PDF as well. Learn more about FLIP2PDF here.

So, now that FLIP2PDF is here, we want to know: how are you using, or planning to use, this new tool? Leave us a note in the comments – we want to hear from you!

Interested in evaluating FLIP2PDF Pro or Premium to see if it is right for you? Download your free trial today.

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