PDF Tool Updates: Enhanced Features and Functionality

Recently, we released new versions for two of our popular PDF tools – PDF OPTIMIZER 1.1 and PDF CHECKER 1.1. With the addition of more enhanced features and functionality, there are a lot of new exciting features and workflows you can discover and leverage with these two tools.

PDF CHECKER now performs document verification with a wider platform support. Based on user feedback, this powerful tool is now available on Linux. With this new release, we have added additional error scanning functionality. You can now find out if your documents are tagged as being PDF/A compatible, and you can detect if any of the core base fonts (14 fonts) have been embedded in your documents.

The additions we made to PDF OPTIMIZER are even more substantial. We have added extensive color conversion support. You can convert between different color spaces, or turn a color image into grayscale. As this is a color managed process, color accuracy will be retained. PDF OPTIMIZER can now optimize PDF files for archiving – converting them to PDF/A-1b. We have also improved the way PDF OPTIMIZER subsets fonts. You will achieve even better file size reduction when working with files that contain multiple subsets of the same font.

PDF CHECKER and PDF OPTIMIZER can now work together to improve the PDFs coming into your workflow. There can be a variety of issues with documents coming into your workflow from exterior sources. Perhaps some PDF functionality is not well supported by the tools you have – transparency, specific color profiles or image types, etc. Some documents may also contain syntax errors and cause problems with your workflow. PDF CHECKER can be used in these cases to detect these specific scenarios. As of version 1.1, PDF CHECKER also has output that is easier to interpret automatically, and to act upon. Once a fixable problem is detected, it can be passed to PDF OPTIMIZER to resolve the issue.

I’d encourage you to try out both of these tools to see how they can help improve your workflow. Click here for an evaluation of PDF OPTIMIZER, and here to download the free PDF CHECKER tool. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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