Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit 6.3.3 : A small bug fix and a note on patch releases

PDFJTWith this release of Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit there is not much to report on, some projects take longer than others to complete, don’t worry we are still working on improving samples, documentation, adding functionality, and more!

I thought this was a good time though to talk about these patch releases. Patch releases are important and they do occur from time to time, sometimes we talk about them, other times we don’t. We will always send our customers a service bulletin so that they know what is going on with our products and what has changed and what has been fixed.

Patch as defined by Semantic Versioning is a version when you make backwards-compatible bug fixes; and that is exactly what this new version contains, a backwards-compatible bug fix.

The bug fix in this release only impacts those who are using our PDF Java Toolkit to sanitize their documents. When a document is being sanitized to remove hidden or sensitive data from the PDF, the SanitizationService looks for objects that overlap so it can determine what pieces of content it can safely remove. In order to do this, some objects in the document are rasterized so that the document appears to be visually unchanged. Objects in the document that were not visible, but may have been discoverable through search, get removed.

In previous versions of the Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit, the document was rasterized at 72 DPI which could cause the content in the document to lose clarity. With the 6.3.3 update, the Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit now matches the behavior of Adobe Acrobat DC, which uses 144 DPI, when it sanitizes documents. This change allows developers to sanitize documents to the same quality as their customers` existing PDF tool set.

So while this is not a release with an overwhelming number of changes, it is one that contains an important improvement if you are sanitizing your documents. You are sanitizing your documents after redacting content from them, right?

PDF Java Toolkit Core 3.3.2 release notes (aggregate of release notes since last public release)

  • During sanitization, images that replace content are now at least 144 dpi. This is the resolution of the images created by Acrobat DC when it sanitizes documents.

Talkeetna 5.0.6 release notes (aggregate of release notes since last public release)

  • Use the latest PDF Java Toolkit Core

RELite 2.0 release notes (aggregate of release notes since last public release)

  • Fix errors in the message printed by the `–help` option.

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