Luna SA HSM Sample now available with Adobe PDF Java Toolkit 2.2.0

Digitally signed documents provide a way for the recipient to ensure that the document comes from the place it claims to come from. Think about bank statements, invoices, and federal forms. Ensuring a document has not been altered since it was signed is important to developers and technology like Hardware Security Modules (HSM) add reassurances by securely storing and protecting digital keys for authenticating and encrypting digital files.
With the release of the Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit 2.2.0, we have updated our Digital Signature HSM sample, HSMCertifyDocument, to include specific implementation with a Luna SA HSM, the “most trusted general purpose HSM on the market.”

PDF Java Toolkit uses the Luna client (LunaProvider.jar) to communicate with the HSM using Public Key Cryptography Standard (PKCS) #11 security protocol to sign and encrypt messages. For hashing of the document the sample defaults to SHA256. When the HSM returns the PDF document, the signature, including the time and date stamp and revocation information, is stored in the PDF using PKCS#7 by default. Documents can be opened in Adobe Acrobat to confirm the digital signature has been recognized and is valid as illustrated with the blue ribbon below:
11-13-2014 2-17-53 PM
The PDF Java Toolkit was developed internally by Adobe before being productized by Datalogics. Output documents having a high degree of interoperability with Adobe Acrobat is an advantage of the PDF Java Toolkit and increases confidence in PDF workflows such as digitally signed documents.
To learn more and request a free evaluation visit the PDF Java Toolkit product page.

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