Get Ready for the PDF WebAPI Connected Service Extension for Visual Studio

Sample of the Week:

It’s probably better to think of this week’s Sample of the Week as homework rather than an actual code sample. In the video below, Steve Lasker, Program Manager for Visual Studio talks about connecting to services with Visual Studio 2015; “Visual Studio 2015 brings a modern service consumption experience that enables each service the ability to tailor their consumption experience, prompting the developer for the relevant questions they need to get started quickly.” Watch the video and then download one of the Release Candidates for Visual Studio 2015 and be sure to install the PDF Web API Connected Service Extension. The Sample of the Week for next week will show you how to pre-populate PDF Forms using the PDF WebAPI, run calculations on the form fields, and then convert that form to a static PDF. To take advantage of the sample and the powerful capabilities of the FormFill service, you’ll need to also sign up for a PDF WebAPI account but the Connected Service extension will guide you through that process.

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