Reader enablement utility, documentation, and more in Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit 6.3.1

PDFJTWhile Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit is built for Java developers, occasionally we run into potential users who need a portion of the functionality it provides. This tends to come up when we talk about reader enabling a PDF as this is one of the features that we support only with our PDF Java Toolkit (not to be confused with the Java interface to the Adobe PDF Library, these are two separate products). To help users who just need to reader enable a PDF and do not want to write any Java code at all, we built a small command line utility that will guide you through reader enabling a PDF and it is shipping automatically with all future versions.

RELite, our reader enabling utility, is distributed as an executable JAR so that instead of writing Java code, you can run RELite and reader enable a document. RELite will guide you through the process and ask you what permissions you want to enable in the document and what certificate to use to reader enable it. For reader enablement of a PDF, a special certificate is required because Adobe Reader must be able to validate that the document has permissions to enable more advanced features when viewed in Reader.
We have also been diligently working on the API documentation for PDF Java Toolkit Core to improve what is there and add what is missing. Our goal is to get to a point where users of PDF Java Toolkit do not need to know the ins and outs of the PDF specification in order to be productive. We want anyone who is familiar with Java (no matter whether they are a beginner or expert) to be able to pick up PDF Java Toolkit and start building PDF functionality into their project within 5 minutes. If you see something in the documentation that you would like to have a better understanding of, ask us to review the documentation so that we can update it in a future version!
With PDF Java Toolkit 6.1.1, we announced out of the box support for OSGi and almost immediately we discovered we were a little early with this announcement and that we weren’t exporting a couple of really important classes from our bundle. This has been addressed with PDF Java Toolkit 6.3.1 as well as some other bug fixes, see the full release notes for all the details.
PDF Java Toolkit 3.3.1 release notes (aggregate of release notes since last public release)

  • Export com.adobe.agl.*, com.adobe.fontengine.*, com.adobe.internal.*, and com.adobe.xfa.* in the OSGi package
  • An exception will now be thrown when trying to convert to PDF/A a document that contains transparencies
  • PDFDocument.hasTransparency() can be used to detect transparencies in documents
  • CosDocument can now retrieve the linearization dictionary with getLinearizationDictionary()
  • Better descriptions were given for DocumentListener, DocumentListenerProperties, DocumentListenerRegistery, DocumentMessage, and DocumentMessage.MessageType.
  • Improve documentation for PDFXObject, LicenseManager, and PDFPageTreeNode.
  • The RedactionService applyRedaction method now throws a PDFUnsupportedFeatureException when attempting to redact a dynamic XFA document.
  • PDF content streams containing an unusually long numeric object no longer cause an ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception.
  • When resources are included multiple times they will now be properly removed when freeing duplicate resources.
  • The ReadingOrderTextExtractor, LayoutModeTextExtractor, and TextExtractor newInstance methods now throw a PDFUnsupportedFeatureException when attempting to use with a dynamic XFA document.
  • PDFAnnotationRedaction.setInteriorColor(double, double, double) is now deprecated and has been replaced with versions more consistent with similar methods in PDF Java Toolkit.
  • An exception will now be thrown when trying to rasterize a shell XFA file.
  • Fixed ParseOps.skipWhitespace() to return a single space rather than the last character of the stream.
  • Added ASRectangle.swapDims() to switch height and width dimensions of a given ASRectangle.
  • A more meaningful exception will be thrown for garbled color spaces in content streams.
  • An exception will now be thrown when there is a problem extracting text, rather than silently losing text.
  • Exclude org.apache.commons.collections4.iterators from OSGi imports.
  • PDFJT core JAR is now an OSGi bundle; the jar file produced by the build is now OSGi compliant.
  • Add impl classes and packages to javadocs.

Talkeetna 5.0.4 release notes (aggregate of release notes since last public release)

  • Improved package overview for com.datalogics.pdf.text, package overview includes an illustrated guide to explain how the objects in the package relate to one another.
  • Added documentation for Div.getDivs() method.

RELite 2.0 release notes (aggregate of release notes since last public release)

  • Fix bug with License-managed RELite that reported input file was not found when no license was present.
  • Update interactive prompting to use System.out for console message clarification.

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