Exploring PDF Annotations with Sample Code


PDF annotations allow the user to add markup information or associate objects to specific locations on a page.  The largest category – Markup annotations – include Text, Circle, Redact and others that add features to the page.  A subcategory of Text Markup annotations cover Highlight, Underline, Squiggly and StrikeOut annotations used to modify or emphasize […]

Technical Guide: Transparency Flattening with Adobe PDF Library

technical guide

Transparency flattening is a helpful solution for printing PDFs or when you save or export PDFs to other formats that don’t support transparencies. In this technical guide, you will get an in-depth look at how transparency flattening works in the Adobe PDF Library, including code samples and a walkthrough of the technology behind the flattener. […]

Adobe PDF Library Release Offers Mac ARM Support with Update to .NET 6.0

Good news for PDF developers using Mac – the latest release of the Adobe PDF Library (v18.0.4PlusP1m) includes an update to .NET 6.0 and offers support for Mac ARM. Mac developers now have full control over the creation, manipulation and management of PDFs using this SDK. The update of Adobe PDF Library (APDFL) to .NET […]

Best Practices for Creating the Optimal PDF

If you are in the business of creating PDFs for your customers, there are a few ways to make sure you’re providing them with the most optimal PDF documents to meet their needs. Let’s take a look at some of the best practices for creating optimal PDFs for your users. Understand your PDF users and […]

Datalogics New Text Extraction Code Samples

Get Information You Need with Precise & Simple Commands  Extracting text has become an essential part of the PDF workflow for many organizations. The Datalogics team has created new extraction samples on GitHub for C++, .NET, and .NETCore to help you create precise workflows for your requirements.   Text Extraction Samples & Use Cases  Fillable Forms The […]

Powerful PDF Searching with DocTextFinder in APDFL

When it comes to programmatically searching a PDF, developers can now enjoy a boost when using our latest release of the Adobe PDF Library SDK (APDFL). Users may now employ regular expressions to search an entire document with the help of DocTextFinder, a new addition to the APDFL SDK on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. […]

Adobe PDF Library: Rendering and Transparency

Today we have a quick discussion on rendering PDF pages with the Adobe PDF Library C/C++ interface and working with transparency. Read on if you’re familiar with the Adobe PDF Library and are interested in how to draw pages over existing graphics or want to maintain alpha channel information when rendering PDF pages. The Adobe […]

Cracking the Code: How to Split PDFs in APDFL

split pdf

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to discuss three different Adobe PDF Library workflow applications that needed to split PDF documents. Of course, each application had it’s own criteria as to how they wanted to split the PDF, which required a bit of additional code in addition to the simple split methods. I’ve packaged up all […]