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Over 50 years in the software industry.

We Embrace Change

Datalogics was founded in 1967 in Chicago. We started early in the “document technology” business, developing one of the first computerized typesetting systems, and building editing workstations and software to drive them (ask us what “working under DURESS” really means).

In the early 80’s we participated in the ISO committee to standardize SGML, the forerunner of XML and HTML, and applied this knowledge in developing our DL Pager and DL Composer publishing systems.

In 1993 Datalogics was purchased by Frame Technology Corporation; and two years later Frame was purchased by Adobe Systems. Shortly thereafter, Adobe spun us back off as a privately-held independent company, retaining partial interest as an Adobe Ventures Company. Since 1998 we’ve been working with Adobe, acting as the key channel for several of their PDF toolkits including the Adobe PDF Library, Adobe Normalizer, Adobe PDF Print Engine, Adobe InDesign Server and the Adobe Reader Mobile SDK.

Today our business focuses on providing these technologies to software developers and enabling them to bring their products to market faster and with superior eBook and PDF capabilities. From our downtown offices in the West Loop, we support hundreds of customers worldwide who are using our technology in diverse mission-critical applications.

Over the past fifty years, technology has changed dramatically, but our core values haven’t: we remain deeply committed to supporting our customers and staying technically-focused to provide them the best possible products and services.


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Datalogics Careers

Our Executives

You don't last nearly 50 years in the software industry without good people, and ours are the best.

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Kevin McNeill
Chief Executive Officer

Ruth Walker, CFO

Ruth Walker
Chief Financial Officer

Matt Kuznicki, CTO

Matt Kuznicki
Chief Technology Officer

Maryanne Pavlin, VP of Sales

Maryanne Pavlin
VP of Sales

Datalogics and Adobe

Datalogics has a unique business relationship with Adobe Systems, Inc. Although we are a separately owned and operated company, at one point we were wholly owned by Adobe. Today Adobe retains interest in Datalogics as an Adobe Portfolio Company.

We work closely with Adobe, and meet with them regularly not only at their headquarters in San Jose, but also at their development offices in India. We have source-code level agreement for many of their PDF developer technologies; and fixes that we make to the code are sent back to Adobe for incorporation into the code line.

We are the key channel for licensing several of Adobe’s PDF developer toolkits, including the Adobe PDF Library SDK and Adobe Normalizer SDK, and have been doing this since 1998. Odds are, for example, that if you fill out Adobe’s request for information form on their website, then you will eventually be contacted by us. We have a special source-code -level agreement with Adobe for these SDKs. This enables us to identify and address bugs, and provide fixes for our customers. It also enables us to port these toolkits to other platforms.

We are also the exclusive licensor of Adobe’s PDF Print Engine for software application developers; and we also license Adobe’s InDesign Server toolkit to OEMs.

Licensing this broad portfolio of Adobe’s PDF developer technologies enables us to work with companies to determine the most appropriate technology for their situation. Having access to these technologies also enables us to provide Adobe consistency, reliability, and compatibility in our other products, too. We use the Adobe PDF Library SDK in our PDF2IMG utility; and the PDF output capabilities of our composition tools are also powered by the PDF Library.

View or download the Datalogics – Adobe backgrounder here.

Organization Partners

Datalogics PDF Association
The PDF Association, formerly PDF/A Competence Center, has extended their scope to cover all ISO PDF International standards, which still includes ISO 19005 (PDF/A). Datalogics is now a member of the PDF Association board.
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international community that develops open standards to ensure the long-term growth of the Web.
Datalogics - Readium
Readium™, a project of the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) and supporters, is an open source reference system and rendering engine for EPUB® publications.

Technology Partners


Sony DADC is a leading disc and digital solution provider for the entertainment, education and information industries, offering world-class optical media replication services, digital and physical supply chain solutions and software services.

callas Software

Callas Software offers tools which provide the same preflighting functionality found in Acrobat. Through our partnership with Callas Software GmbH, we now offer a set of utilities which mirror the preflighting and PDF/A capabilities within Adobe Acrobat Professional.

StudioRIP UK Ltd.

StudioRIP UK Ltd is a leading software company focusing on RIP screening and workflow technology. Datalogics has partnered with StudioRIP to offer enhanced screening  technology for Adobe PDF Print Engine and Adobe CPSI.


SafeNet is a leading global provider of data protection. One of their solutions, Luna SA Hardware Security Module (HSM), can be used to securely store and protect the crptographic keys used in authenticating, signing, and encrypting digital files.  The PDF Java Toolkit integrates with the SafeNet Luna SA HSM and can use keys stored there to apply digital signatures to PDFs to reassure the consumers of the PDF that it has not been tampered with.


Mantano's team has been involved in the development of software for digital publishing, e-reading and e-learning since 2007. Before creating Mantano in 2010, the team developed software such as drivers and optimized low-level display toolkits for e-paper displays, or complete e-reading applications. 

Channel Partners

EAST Company

East is a Tokyo-based company that has partnered with Datalogics to license and support the Adobe PDF Library, Adobe Normalizer, Adobe Content Server, and Adobe Reader Mobile SDK in Japan.

TechSoft 3D

TechSoft 3D has partnered with Datalogics to license the Adobe PDF Library SDK to engineering software developers.