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Datalogics Announces .NET Core Support for the Adobe PDF Library

Chicago, IL – November 13, 2020

Datalogics, Inc., the premier source for Adobe PDF and enterprise document management technologies, announces the release of .NET Core support for the Adobe PDF Library SDK.

.NET Core is the next generation of the .NET development platform, is the successor to the .NET Framework, and is open-source. .NET Core works on Linux and Mac, so it allows cross-platform development using a .NET language like C#, for example. It includes support for things like Windows Forms Applications, Console applications, Class Libraries, ASP.NET, and WPF.

For the first time, using .NET is now an option for Linux and Mac for Enterprise users that’s supported by Microsoft. Today’s users want to write cross-platform code using .NET or will be migrating existing Windows applications to be cross-platform in the near future.

Datalogics is now shipping a .NET Core Class Library that targets v3.1 of the .NET Core which is the latest and greatest version. This will allow users to develop their .NET application on Linux and know it’s going to work on Windows or Mac. Similarly, it allows users to write their application on Mac and know it’s going to work on Linux or Windows and finally, that they can write their application on Windows and know it’s going to work on Mac or Linux. Users can now leverage the mature, time-tested functionality of Adobe PDF Library using the simplicity of the .NET interface in one application that works on Windows, Linux, or Mac.

“With this new support, our APDFL developers/customers can take advantage of .NET Core’s cross-platform support and leverage their existing C# applications to new platforms with few or no changes to their code,” said Scott Urchell, Technical Sales Engineer at Datalogics.

The .NET Core Library ships with new .NET Core sample applications as well as new documentation.

About Datalogics

Datalogics, Inc. is a leading software company specializing in both enterprise PDF and digital publishing technologies. Based in Chicago, IL, we support hundreds of customers worldwide who are using our technology in diverse applications. 

With over 50 years of industry experience, we provide unmatched support, enabling customers to bring their products to market faster. Datalogics is on the PDF Association board and is a member of the Readium Foundation. For more information, visit

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