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Extract Data from Your PDFs, Including Tables and Images, with Datalogics PDF Alchemist Version 2.3

Chicago, IL – January 15, 2019

Datalogics, the preferred provider of industry-leading PDF technologies, is excited to announce PDF Alchemist version 2.3, now available for immediate online download.

A robust enterprise solution, PDF Alchemist can accurately extract valuable data from PDF documents for specific business processes, information management, and automation. Core features of PDF Alchemist include advanced table extraction algorithms for accurate data correlation and information reconstruction to ensure that the recomposed extracted content is tailored to specific device and end user needs. This tool also features multilingual support that facilitates complex extraction capabilities for PDFs containing multiple languages and supports optical character recognition engine integration. Users can select HTML, XML and EPUB output options for optimal data management flexibility and device-responsive content delivery.

“Making sense of unstructured information contained within PDF documents is more important than ever before. Data locked within traditional PDF files is inaccessible to machine learning, to business process automation, and to advanced analysis and decision logic. With the addition of OCR support, and with our continuing improvements to structured data extraction of elements such as tables and logical text flows, this release of Datalogics PDF Alchemist enables more complete PDF data extraction than ever before,” says Matt Kuznicki, Datalogics CTO.

Available as an annual subscription for both Windows and Linux 64-bit platforms, PDF Alchemist is offered as an easy-to-use command line application for direct purchase on the Datalogics website for seamless integration into existing workflows. Also available as an SDK, PDF Alchemist is ideal for SaaS and OEM implementations. If you’d like to start working with PDF Alchemist, click here for a free evaluation or buy now.

About Datalogics

Datalogics, Inc. is a leading software company specializing in both enterprise PDF and digital publishing technologies. Based in Chicago, IL, we support hundreds of customers worldwide who are using our technology in diverse applications. 

With over 50 years of industry experience, we provide unmatched support, enabling customers to bring their products to market faster. Datalogics is on the PDF Association board and is a member of the Readium Foundation. For more information, visit

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