Success Story: CFU Denmark

CFU Denmark integrates eBook platform READynamic™ into statewide education system, creating a modern learning environment for both teachers and students

Company Profile

CFU Denmark, abbreviation translated as “Center for Learning Materials”, is a statewide, government-funded education system that is the central provider of supplemental learning materials for the national curriculum – including books, multimedia, and teaching aids.

CFU Denmark’s online system, called mitCFU (“My CFU”), delivers digital teaching materials to teachers and students, with the CFU staff acting as the system administrators. All hardcopy books, media, and other teaching materials are housed in brick and mortar campuses located throughout the country, and are physically delivered to schools as they are requested. The integration of digital into their statewide system with READynamic will allow for more flexibility and easier access to content throughout Denmark.

The Goal

Make teachers' lives easier

In Denmark, there is a future government requirement in place to ensure 60% of CFU’s materials purchased are digital by the end of 2018. When discussing the future of their country’s education, CFU Denmark came to the conclusion that gradually digitizing their statewide system before it became a fully mandated requirement would set them up for success, and positively impact the students and teachers. As CFU assessed the various technology options available in the market, their needs began to take shape. CFU Denmark compiled the essential features required of their eBook solution. It would need to be cross-platform, meaning it must work across all devices – browser, iOS, and Android. It also needed to function the same on a Mac as it would on a PC. They also wanted something that would work with the video content that they had accumulated to support more meaningful lessons.

The solution needed to be something that teachers could easily adopt and begin using; it needed to enhance the curriculum and improve student achievement. Also, branding was key – they wanted a seamless, completely CFU-branded solution. It was also essential that the solution have rich EPUB3 and work with all fixed-format books, not just textbooks, but all types of content including multimedia.

“We knew that Datalogics had been in the eBook technology business for a long time, and that they had the technical capabilities we needed to get this effort accomplished.”

Marcus Dietrich, Educational Project Manager, CFU Denmark

The Solution

Enterprise eBook technology

Once CFU Denmark determined the type of eBook solution needed, they began searching for a partner. It wasn’t until a late night Google search led them to READynamic – a solution that included everything on their list, and much more. When they came across this eBook solution designed for education, they knew they had found what they were looking for. After a quick contracting phase, CFU began the transition of their educational materials to digital. READynamic was ideal and provided them with the following important features:

  • It was easy for their teachers and students to use.
  • CFU Denmark could act as the system administrator and easily enhance or add new educational content to pass to teachers.
  • It provided all the formats that they identified during their assessment stage.
  • READynamic offered single sign-on capabilities, ensuring user-friendly login process.
  • It offered excellent audio capabilities.
  • The search function was better than expected and netted outstanding results.
  • Overlay content could be added to the text to provide enhanced content, including video clips.
  • The software was easily translated to Danish to service their population.

CFU Denmark found the partnership with Datalogics to be a great match.

The Results

Equipped teachers with a digital arsenal of materials to use within their classroom

Since the integration of READynamic into mitCFU, CFU Denmark has been able to equip their teachers with a digital arsenal of materials to use within their classroom. Students can interact with these materials – take notes, add comments, watch videos, take quizzes, and more – all on a personalized portal specific to them. In the future, they believe that this initiative will cut down on labor and the costs associated with delivering physical books to and from CFU Denmark’s campuses nationwide, providing an immediate ROI.

CFU Denmark has set the tone for what could be an excellent test case across Europe and beyond. With the addition of READynamic, they have successfully innovated their education system by supporting their teachers and students with an interactive, highly collaborative eBook tool.

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