Success Story: DocsCorp

Ensuring Accuracy and Reliability: DocsCorp Partners with Datalogics to Integrate the Adobe PDF Library with compareDocs

Company Profile

A leading provider of document productivity tools, DocsCorp designs easy-to-use software and services for document professionals who use enterprise content management systems. They provide solutions for metadata removal, document processing, PDF manipulation, and document comparison. The DocsCorp product suite is built to drive business efficiency and increase the value of existing document technology investment.

One of their core products, compareDocs, is a document comparison tool supported by the Adobe PDF Library (APDFL) from Datalogics. With three different versions available to customers – a desktop product, a cloud solution, and an SDK – compareDocs compares documents with remarkable accuracy, reliability, and speed across all document types. compareDocs integrates with business applications and systems to give unparalleled levels of efficiency in the document comparison process. With compareDocs, users can compare two documents side-by-side (PDF to PDF, PDF to Word, etc.), and the tool will generate a comparison report in a preferred file format that highlights the differences between the two documents.

The Goal

Find a Robust and Reliable Back-End PDF Library

As a global company with more than 3,500 organizations relying on their software every day, DocsCorp must maintain their products to the highest standard. The company knows that the success of their product relies heavily on the accuracy of the documents that are compared; if the information that is being worked on is not correct, or the software is unable to extract and read text in the PDF documents, the software cannot properly compare documents accurately and reliably.

DocsCorp needed a trusted, reliable PDF solution to maintain their products’ respected and trusted reputation. Though many companies offer PDF drivers and software, they knew not all of them were robust or stable. DocsCorp did not want to be concerned with tools that struggle with tricky-to-open or corrupt PDFs, or that couldn’t read PDF text reliably. They wanted to be fully confident that the back-end PDF library used in compareDocs had the ability to provide their customers with a perfect product.

“We are very happy with the support that we receive from Datalogics. Their quick responses help ensure our product is running as it should be, and provides a positive overall customer experience.”

Shane B., Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder, DocsCorp

The Solution

Integrate Adobe PDF Library into compareDocs

After evaluating several PDF options, it was evident to DocsCorp that the Adobe PDF Library was exactly the solution they were searching for to integrate with compareDocs. It proved to be the ideal tool for opening PDFs, reading and analyzing text, and applying annotations.

In addition to being able to do the required tasks effortlessly, DocsCorp also chose to partner with Datalogics because of their confidence in the company. Having been in the technology industry for over 50 years, Datalogics has a deep understanding of PDF and an ongoing partnership with Adobe. With the unrivaled Datalogics support team, any issues that arose would be handled quickly and professionally, with open communication between both parties. DocsCorp was also encouraged by the Datalogics roadmap with regard to the future development of the Adobe PDF Library. It was critical for DocsCorp to fully understand Datalogics’ long term product development plans, ensuring that both companies’ overall strategies were aligned. With new advancements being made to PDF, they knew that Datalogics would keep compareDocs up to date with any available improvements.

The Results

Less Work for the DocCorps Team

DocsCorp has found that since working with Datalogics to integrate the Adobe PDF Library with compareDocs, it has translated into less work for their team. The PDF Library immediately works as promised, and provides a broader range of tools that the DocsCorp team can leverage to compare and analyze documents. Product maintenance and support has also been very helpful, with quick response time and successful issue resolution.

“Support services are readily available to us when we hit troublesome PDFs, or need assistance with particular workflows or actions we want to take. We weren’t interested in a cheap library from a company that would ignore any problems we were experiencing, or wouldn’t provide us with access to the right technical personnel to be able to fix issues. We are very happy with the support that we receive from Datalogics. Their quick responses help ensure our product is running as it should be, and provides a positive overall customer experience,” says Shane Barnett, DocsCorp Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder.

To date, the Adobe PDF Library has been a robust solution that has provided consistent and reliable output for DocsCorp’s compareDocs solution.

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