Success Story: INM

The integration of the Adobe PDF Library into INM Impressario Xtra created the ultimate Xtra for PDF integration

Company Profile

Integration New Media (INM) is a North American leader in the field of interactive media programming (CD-ROM, Internet, DVD-ROM, Kiosk) and custom software design. A wellknown player in the industry for over 15 years, the company offers top-level interactive media project consulting and programming services, as well as a successful line of products which includes some of the best-known Xtras for Macromedia® Director® and Authorware®.

INM Impressario is the product for efficient, high-impact multimedia publishing. Advanced levels of creativity, efficiency and control of PDFs within Director and Authorware. Seamless integration, cross-platform and stand-alone capabilities makes INM Impressario the ultimate Xtra for PDF integration.

The Goal

Develop a PDF solution to surpass their competition

Developers have always wanted to be able to display and print PDF documents from within their Director and Authorware projects, and have found several solutions to do this, including INM PDF Xtra. While these solutions met the basics needs of developers to display and print PDF documents, INM felt that they could develop an even better solution which would surpass their competition, offer developers an even more impressive tool which takes full advantage of the features of Adobe PDF technology.

To better understand the market, INM performed market research to gain the knowledge of exactly what developers were looking for. Through their research, they found that many developers wanted to not only to take advantage of Adobe PDF technology features, but wanted to do more with PDF documents to help create the best possible visual experience for their end users.

With an idea in mind, INM researched the alternatives to develop such a tool. One of the challenge was to find a solution that would offer high quality PDF rendering in a cross-platform environment. One alternative was to develop the entire technology in-house, but that was a huge investment and a clear deviation from their initial objectives.

After careful consideration of the available options, INM selected the Adobe PDF Library solution to help them develop a solid and competitive product.

"INM Impressario, which is built using the Adobe PDF Library, is a clever and powerful blend of innovation and ease-of-use."

Vahe Kassardjian, President and Co-founder, INM

The Solution

Excellent technology backed and supported by a serious partner

The way INM used the Adobe PDF Library in INM Impressario was uncharted territory in the whole industry. It was a high-risk venture and INM wanted to have an excellent technology backed and supported by a serious partner, Datalogics and Adobe. By introducing the Adobe PDF Library to INM Impressario, INM was able to introduce a multitude of new features that are unrivaled by the competition.

These new features meant that developers suddenly could do a lot more with their PDF content. Such things as now being able to capture an image of a PDF and use it as a bitmap to which visual effects can be applied (e.g. page turning effect) or customizing PDFs at runtime through Director, which meant that end-users can tailor or even create a new PDF document based on their personal profiles and choices (e.g. personalized product catalog, proposals, test or score card), were suddenly very accessible. The ability to auto-download PDFs from URLs is also great for clients looking for a convenient and cost-effective way of delivering up-to-date content (even to CD-ROM based projects). In addition the INM Impressario bookmarks component is another convenient feature for end-users that allows them to retrieve bookmarks of the PDF document and use them to intuitively navigate through the PDF content.

The Results

A quick summary of results: A whole lot of awereness

INM Impressario has become the company’s flagship product, and is the second highest rated Xtra on Macromedia’s website, the most credible forum for Xtra reviews. This is an impressive accomplishment considering how many Xtras are out there and the minimal amount of time that INM Impressario has been on the market.

Today, INM Impressario Xtra has been adopted by many PDF Xtra users, as well as users of competing products. The biggest difference is that, unlike competing products, INM Impressario is completely self-contained, meaning it does not rely on any third-party software in order to display and print the PDF documents. This was a very welcomed feature as it simplifies enormously the delivery of projects, namely CD-Roms.

Furthermore, INM Impressario offers more advanced control over PDF document content, customization of the user interface, and higher levels of creativity. There are no separate windows or external applications required ensuring an uninterrupted experience for the user as well as easy distribution and publishing of projects. Cross-platform functionalities with INM Impressario also means projects will run identically across Windows® and Macintosh® resulting in the widest audience reach and reduced project support.

Vahe Kassardjian, President and Co-founder of INM states, “Developed following a philosophy that has constituted the foundation of Integration New Media’s trademark success for over a decade, INM Impressario, which is built using the Adobe PDF Library, is a clever and powerful blend of innovation and ease-of-use. INM Impressario offers an unmatched degree of flexibility and creativity for developers who wish to introduce Adobe PDF content into Director and Authorware movies.”

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