Success Story: NeoSoar

NeoSoar develops “eTextbooks for Education” platform for students, schools and publishers

Company Profile

NeoSoar is a Taiwanese software development company that creates comprehensive eBook’s for business and educational platforms. 

The Goal

Leverage technical skills to develop an education ecosystem

Pupils in the educational system in Taiwan consistently attain some of the highest test scores in the world. With over 5 million students (primary, secondary and post-secondary), extremely high literacy rates and very competitive / world-class / world-renowned secondary institutions, education continues to be a top priority there.

The increased competitiveness among educational institutions; the proliferation (and growing ubiquity) of powerful handheld computing devices; and the emergence of eBooks as a superior alternative to traditional printed books has created an ideal market opportunity. NeoSoar has the chance to leverage their technical expertise to develop an “education ecosystem” and a technology platform, built upon Adobe Content Server and Adobe Reader Mobile SDK technologies from Datalogics, which provides benefits to students, schools, and publishers alike.

“Datalogics represents the perfect union of excellent technology and great sales and support.”

John Liang, General Manager at NeoSoar Inc.

The Solution

Introduce NeoSoar platform to Publishers, Universities and students

Introducing the NeoSoar platform to Publishers, Universities and students, allows the following:

  • Schools can review and select eTextbooks for course curriculum from a number of different (participating) publishers
  • Publishers can connect to multiple schools, and can market and sell or lend their eTextbooks to schools and students
  • Students can access their textbooks for the semester electronically on the device(s) of their choice; and aren’t required to purchase textbooks permanently

The NeoSoar platform is comprised of a multi-tenant, highly available and scalable cloud-based back-end server farm for use by schools and publishers, and a front-end client app for students:

  • Publishers upload their eTextbooks into the NeoSoar cloud
  • Schools browse the set of uploaded eTextbooks, place orders based on their course curriculum and upload student information and course schedules
  • Students download the front-end NeoSoar app from the Apple App Store or Google Play, and connect to the NeoSoar cloud

As they do this, the corresponding eTextbooks are automatically downloaded into the front-end app, which is an EPUB and PDF viewer built by NeoSoar using the Adobe Reader Mobile SDK from Datalogics. The NeoSoar app is available for iOS, Android and Windows OS.

The Results

Educational access for a wider audience

The NeoSoar platform was launched in late 2011 through a pilot program at one school with 9 publishers, 130 students and teachers, and over 1300 eTextbooks being managed through the system. Performance and scalability supported this initial rollout; and in March 2012 NeoSoar launched to an addition 164 universities in Taiwan.

“The advantage of our system,” states John Liang, General Manager at NeoSoar Inc., “is that as more schools join the system, publishers have access to a wider audience. And the converse is also true: as more publishers join the system, the value to schools (and thus students) also increases since they have access to a wider range of titles. This is why we see it as a win/win/win for publishers, schools and students.”

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