Datalogics Announces Adobe PDF Library for Mac64




Chicago, IL, February 12, 2013 — Datalogics, Incorporated, the premier source for Adobe PDF and eBook technologies, today announced the availability of the Adobe PDF Library SDK on MacOS 64-bit platform. With this toolkit, MacOS software developers can now take full, native 64-bit advantage of the same core PDF technology that Adobe uses in their Acrobat family of products.

“We are pleased that Datalogics has ported Adobe’s PDF Library to Mac64,” notes Dietrich von Seggern, Business Development Manager at callas software GmbH, “Adobe compatibility is very important to our customers, even on platforms not otherwise supported by Adobe, such as Mac64. We plan to utilize this API within all of the products – SDK, command-line interface, and standalone server – of our pdfaPilot and pdfToolbox product families, to provide the best PDF processing and preflight capabilities on the Mac64 platform.”

About the Adobe PDF Library

The Adobe PDF Library is a developer toolkit that enables third-party developers to support the PDF format within their own applications. Developers can build powerful Adobe PDF solutions in desktop environments as well as a wide range of server platforms, using the same core technology with which Adobe Systems, Inc. builds its Acrobat family of products. The toolkit provides access to a broad range of functionality and full compatibility with the latest PDF specification, enabling high-performance, scalable optimized PDF processing. Included as part of the Library distribution are the Datalogics Enhancements (DLE), a set of modules that include performance improvements and optimizations, and language interfaces for .NET and Java developers.

The Adobe PDF Library for Mac64 is available exclusively through Datalogics, and is available for evaluation and licensing now. For more information, visit

The Adobe PDF Library is available on a wide variety of platforms, including Windows (32- and 64-bit), MacOS (32- and 64-bit), Linux (32- and 64-bit), AIX (32- and 64-bit), Solaris SPARC, and Solaris Intel (32- and 64-bit).

About Datalogics

Chicago-based Datalogics, Incorporated, an Adobe Portfolio Company, has dedicated over 45 years to delivering the highest quality software technologies and services which meet the most demanding customer needs. Datalogics is the premier source for Adobe eBook and PDF developer technologies, including the Adobe PDF Library, Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit, Datalogics PDF Alchemist, Adobe Normalizer, Active Textbook, Adobe Content Server, and Adobe Reader Mobile SDK. Datalogics is a member of the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) and the Readium Foundation, and is on the board of the PDF Association.

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