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Datalogics announces new eReader support for Windows 8, cloud storage, performance improvements and more



Chicago, IL, July 26, 2013 — Datalogics announced new releases of their brandable and customizable multiplatform DL Reader eBook reader app today, including a new native port to Windows 8, support for content storage and synchronization in the cloud, audio and video support, and more. DL Reader is built upon Adobe Reader Mobile SDK (RMSDK), Adobe’s SDK for building eReader apps for EPUB and PDF content secured with Adobe DRM. Along with these DL Reader updates, Datalogics also released a corresponding update to its RMSDK distribution, enabling their RMSDK customers to add these capabilities to their own custom eReaders.

Performance Improvements

New “tiled rendering” capabilities have been added to DL Reader for Android devices. This enables improved performance in PDF reflow; high-resolution pan and zoom; bookmark and link navigation; and bounce animations. DL Reader is now available for download directly from Google Play.

Windows 8 Support

DL Reader is now available for Windows 8 and Windows RT devices, providing full compatibility with Windows Runtime and is available for devices built upon x86, x64 and ARM chip architectures, with user interface support for 14 languages. DL Reader for Windows 8 is available for immediate download from the Windows Store.

Audio and Video

Support for playback of videos embedded in EPUB files has been added to DL Reader; and support for playback of MP3 and AAC audio files have also been added. These capabilities have been added to DL Reader for iOS, and will be added to other platforms in subsequent releases. DL Reader for iOS is available for direct download from the App Store.

Support for Cloud Storage

DL Reader has been enabled to work with the Adobe Content Server Cloud Service (ACS-CS) offering from Datalogics. ACS-CS enables ACS operators to provide secure storage and content and metadata synchronization services to their users. This is facilitated by storing users’ books and settings in the cloud, and accessing content there by ACS-CS -enabled readers. When a user encounters eBook content from a provider using ACS-CS, the content and settings will automatically be synchronized in the cloud. DL Reader for Android has been updated with ACS-CS support, and is available for download directly from Google Play.

Support for Proxy Servers

DL Reader has also been updated to work with content providers who utilize proxy servers in their back-end content server architecture. This feature has been added to DL Reader for iOS, and will be added to other platforms in subsequent releases. DL Reader for iOS is available for direct download from the App Store.

Corresponding Updates to Adobe Reader Mobile SDK

All of the features and improvements described above necessitated updates to the underlying RMSDK codebase upon which DL Reader is built. Along with these DL Reader releases, Datalogics also released this new RMSDK update, which includes support for all of these features, enabling RMSDK to implement these features in their own custom eReaders.

About DL Reader

DL Reader is a fully operational eBook viewer app for iOS, Android, and Windows desktop. Compatible with Adobe Content Server, including device-restricted and time-limited eBooks, DL Reader allows for device activation via Adobe ID, supports Adobe Vendor ID, text size changes, and orientation changes. Using DL Reader, customers have built customized eReaders in 15 languages and published them into app stores within weeks.

About Adobe Reader Mobile SDK

Adobe Reader Mobile SDK (RMSDK) enables third-party developers to support EPUB and PDF eBook display, including Adobe Content Server protected documents, on reading devices and in smartphone applications. RMSDK is delivered as source-code and includes reference implementations for several platforms including BlackBerry 10, iOS, Android and Windows. Included in our RMSDK distribution is source code and project files for DL Reader, a fully-featured ready-to-deploy customizable eReading app.

About Datalogics

Chicago-based Datalogics, Incorporated, an Adobe Portfolio Company, has dedicated over 45 years to delivering the highest quality software technologies and services which meet the most demanding customer needs. Datalogics is the premier source for Adobe eBook and PDF developer technologies, including the Adobe PDF Library, Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit, Datalogics PDF Alchemist, Adobe Normalizer, Active Textbook, Adobe Content Server, and Adobe Reader Mobile SDK. Datalogics is a member of the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) and the Readium Foundation, and is on the board of the PDF Association.

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