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Datalogics announces release of PDF WebAPI, a RESTful API offering PDF services


Chicago, IL, April 30, 2014 — Datalogics, the premier source for Adobe PDF and eBook technologies, today announced the release of the Datalogics PDF WebAPI, a RESTful API that provides scalable, cloud-based services for PDF page level manipulations, PDF forms processing, and PDF rendering. These services are being offered from Datalogics through a set of usage based subscriptions beginning with the Free plan and scaling to the Enterprise plan to meet the demands of the developer community from educational to large scale use.

PDF WebAPI services that are available include:

DecorateDocument adds headers and footers to an input PDF document. The content placement of the headers and footers are drawn from XML files that you provide.

ExportFormData takes a PDF document, containing either an embedded AcroForm or an XFA Form, and exports the data in the form fields to an output file for further processing.

FillForm will take a PDF form and either a FDF or XFDF file as input and return a new PDF with the data merged and calculations executed.

FlattenForm will take a PDF form as input and return a “flattened” version removing any form fields and leaving only the field appearances in their place.

RenderPages will take a PDF file as input and will return either a multipage TIFF file of the pages you specify for conversion or a single page in a variety of other web image formats such as jpeg or png. The RenderPages service uses the Adobe PDF Library and the Adobe Color Engine for the conversion so you get the most accurate color conversion available today.

Datalogics PDF2IMG demo (powered by PDF WebAPI):

An updated version of the Datalogics PDF2IMG demo, now powered by the PDF WebAPI, has been released as well. The PDF2IMG demo is an online tool that allows users to simply drag and drop PDF files for conversion to image.

The Future:

Datalogics plans to expand the functionality from the PDF Enterprise product line available in the PDF WebAPI to include common PDF workflows like merging documents, adding watermarks, and optimization.

Getting Started:

To get started visit the PDF WebAPI product page to sign up for an account and obtain an api key.

About Datalogics

Chicago-based Datalogics, Incorporated, an Adobe Portfolio Company, has dedicated over 45 years to delivering the highest quality software technologies and services which meet the most demanding customer needs. Datalogics is the premier source for Adobe eBook and PDF developer technologies, including the Adobe PDF Library, Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit, Datalogics PDF Alchemist, Adobe Normalizer, Active Textbook, Adobe Content Server, and Adobe Reader Mobile SDK. Datalogics is a member of the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) and the Readium Foundation, and is on the board of the PDF Association.

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