Adobe PDF Converter
Quickly & easily convert PostScript and other image formats to PDF for modern workflows.  
Starting at $2999/year for internal usage

Adobe Distiller on Steroids 

Formerly known as Adobe Normalizer and based on the Distiller utility included in Acrobat, Adobe PDF Converter SDK is an API that converts PostScript (PS), Encapsulated PostScript (EPS), JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PNG and PPML files to PDF.

Like Distiller, PDF Converter converts PostScript language streams into PDF streams. In addition, Converter offers batch processing of files and is highly customizable, allowing you to control many aspects of conversion that cannot be controlled through the Distiller interface – including fonts, parameters, what they consume and produce, among other important differences between the two.

Spoiler alert: PDF Converter can do more!

Adobe PDF Converter SDK converts PostScript streams/files into PDF format like Distiller, but has more functionality. Below are the most requested functions and you can read our User Guide for the full list.

Create PS streams of files
Take PS streams or files
Create a PDF file from set of pages within a PS file/stream
Accept PPML or images as input
Can download Chinese, Japanese & Korean fonts
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Available Platforms  

Windows 64-bit, MacOS Intel, MacOS ARM, Linux 64-bit and Linux ARM.  

Support & Manage Fonts  

Same policies as Distiller; embed, specify replacements & use/ignore True Types, and more.  

 Color Management  

Support for ICC profiles from default profile directories & non-default folders.   

File Types Supported 

Convert EPS, PS, PPML, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and BMP. 

PDF File Type 

Supports both PDF/A and PDF/X conversion. 

Custom Settings 

Utility can be customized to your requirements or used as-is. 

Download a free trial

How to get started

Fill out the form
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the activation key
your platform
Run the .exe installer file
Untar the .tar.gz file
Run the .dmg installer file
Follow the
Readme_eval.txt instructions in the download to activate the product in 3 easy steps. 

Includes our Getting Started guide, API reference and sample code for your programming language