MTW Solutions

MTW Solutions Integrates PDF Optimizer into their Software Solution to help Alleviate Client's PDF Issues While Streamlining their Organizational Workflow

Company Profile

MTW Solutions provides specialized software products and information technology services to state government agencies in the United States. With MTW products, users gain vital business tools to improve processes, increase efficiencies, and solve problems. MTW Solutions builds long-term relationships with our state agency partners that focus on delivering excellent products and services that are reliable, flexible, and responsive.


MTW Solutions offers a software product that is used by state-level employees to audit employers to ensure the compliance and accuracy of their unemployment insurance taxes. During a recent implementation of this software, MTW enhanced their product to allow PDF files to be sent to a central print server for large-scale printing and mailing. Due to issues with embedded fonts and formatting within PDFs, however, the print processes could not be completed accurately.

To resolve the formatting issues, it was determined that all PDF files would need to be converted into PDF/A files. PDF/A is a PDF format that allows users to archive and preserve electronic documents while ensuring that those documents maintain the same integrity throughout their use, regardless of technology. To properly convert PDF files to PDF/A, MTW needed to find and integrate a reliable and sustainable tool into their software.


After evaluating several tools, MTW Solutions selected PDF Optimizer from Datalogics due to three key factors: the accuracy and reliability of the Datalogics product, their superior reputation and customer service, and the ease of integration into their existing products. Not only was PDF Optimizer able to help MTW effectively convert PDFs into PDF/A to fix the formatting issues, but it also compressed the document size while preserving its original integrity. MTW saw immediate success with PDF Optimizer because it was a reliable way to overcome the challenge of conversion to PDF/A for long-term preservation, and it was cost-effective as well. A win-win for everyone.


The implementation of PDF Optimizer into MTW Solutions’ software was successful and seamless. With MTW’s integration of PDF Optimizer, a consistent software user interface experience was maintained for their clients, while preserving the integrity of their important documents. Now, not only were files smoothly and easily converted to PDF/A, they were also reduced in size, which saves space and allows for faster downloads & uploads. The conversion and reduction in size was a big win for MTW and their clients as the client’s final documents must be saved to a database. Because of PDF Optimizer, the database space used was decreased by 25% - a significant impact, allowing for more files to be processed in general.