Neuxpower uses the Adobe PDF Library to add PDF support to their file optimization software solution

Company Profile

With headquarters in London and partners in over 75 countries, software development company Neuxpower is a global leader in file optimization software. Their NXPowerLite technology is designed to help organizations manage the impact of large Microsoft Office, JPEG and PDF files on their business. Established in 1997, the company’s desktop and server solutions are used by more than one million people worldwide.


NXPowerLite technology dramatically reduces the size of bloated files, without affecting their appearance. Optimized files remain in their original format, retaining all their attributes and visual content integrity. Using NXPowerLite companies can quickly and easily reclaim substantial amounts of their existing primary storage.

The initial version of NXPowerLite focused on optimizing Microsoft PowerPoint files. Soon after its release, the version garnered industry acclaim as “a neat, simple solution to the PowerPoint size problem.” As its popularity grew, Neuxpower added support for other Microsoft Office formats, and JPEG.

In response to growing demand from its customer base, Neuxpower made plans to support optimization of PDF files in NXPowerLite. It was important for them that they get the product to market rapidly and in a way that minimized the probability of any problems with customers’ files – a critical issue for them.

“Datalogics was very helpful during the evaluation and development of the new PDF capabilities.”


As Neuxpower began investigation of potential solutions, it quickly became evident that the Adobe PDF Library was the obvious choice. “We looked at other solutions but they were nowhere near as powerful as the Adobe PDF Library,” states Mike Power, CEO of Neuxpower. “In addition, the well-designed and documented C API was very useful in getting the Library integrated quickly into our existing codebase.”

Neuxpower began an evaluation of the Adobe PDF Library, with full support of the Datalogics technical team. “Datalogics was very helpful during the evaluation and development of the new PDF capabilities,” Power continues, “and we were confident that the capabilities of the Library wouldn’t limit functionality of our product. I’d estimate that we saved several months’ research and development time up front, and will save more over the lifetime of the product because we can add new features and improve performance without having to worry about low-level file structure issues.”


NXPowerLite 5 with support for PDF files was released in February 2011, 5 months after starting development. Neuxpower has been very pleased with its adoption of the new release. Power notes, “PDF support has been by far the most requested feature over the last few years, and now that we’ve released a version that includes it, we’re seeing that popularity reflected in extremely strong demand for both upgrades and new licenses.”

“Document integrity is critical for our software,” Power adds, “so it was great to be able to leverage the official Adobe library for this release, ensuring we were able to release this new feature quickly without compromising our high standards of quality. Customers are very happy with the new feature and despite already being used by thousands of customers, we’ve had almost no support cases generated as a result of adding these PDF capabilities.”