Flexible Licensing & Pricing
Datalogics suite of PDF software is priced based on usage and business model type.


Customers incorporating our PDF software into an application for external distribution pay a flat annual fee per platform and a royalty based on product distribution. The royalty fee is based on a percentage of sales, a flat fee per unit, or fixed distribution – based on how you license your product.


Customers using our PDF software in an externally accessible service (SaaS) license the software based on the number of servers deployed or a customized model based on users, activations, quantity of documents processed, or revenue.

Internal Usage/End-Users

Licensing is based on the number of servers or desktops where the software is deployed.


  • Starting at $1,999 / year when licensed with Adobe PDF Library

Specialized Utilities:

Pricing starts at the amounts listed below. Contact us for

  • Development

    $2,100 / year

    For testing or staging InDesign Server solutions, not for Production use. Produces same output as a Production license with no watermark.

    $2,100 / year

  • Limited

    $5,000 / year

    For use with automated solutions that are made accessible only within a company’s internal network only, limited to employees of Licensee.

    $5,000 / year

  • Premium

    $13,500 / year

    For use with automated publishing solutions made accessible to customers or users other than the Licensee’s employees via the Internet in addition to rights to use corporate wide within an intranet. There is no limit on the number of users for this license. Partners or end users are permitted to use the Premium license model in hosted or SaaS based offerings, but InDesign Server must be an integrated component of a solution, not as a standalone service.

    $13,500 / year

Customer Support

Datalogics customers have access to an incredible Support team with decades of PDF technology and development expertise. Many Datalogics support engineers have been working with PDFs longer than our competitors have existed.

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