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Cloud-based PDF solutions

Datalogics has helped businesses & developers around the world convert documents, extract data, handle forms, print, and much more. Our flexible PDF processing and management tools enable our clients to automate and streamline document workflows. We make documents work.

Using that same trusted technology, our Cloud Solutions allow you to process and manage your PDFs and other documents via cloud-based workflows. If you are looking for the best-in-class cloud solutions to handle all of your document management needs, we’ve got you covered with two great services to try out!

API as a Service


Support your digital document processing needs with our PDF REST APIs and process up to 250 transactions per month with our free version. Need more transactions? Check out our simple pricing structure that grows with your needs.

Private API Processing

Datalogics PDF Private REST APIs

Get up and running quickly in just a few clicks on Amazon Web Services to use our private REST APIs. Our AWS AMI is ideal if you want to fully control your own process, or integrate functionality into your own services on a private, secure Amazon server.

PDFs from Office files

Easily convert Office files to PDF. Supports Word docs, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Compress PDF Files

Eliminate the hassle of files that are too big to send. Smaller file, same great PDF!

Convert web content to PDF

Convert HTML files and direct URLs to PDF for a consistent layout of content.

Convert images to PDF

Convert BMP, TIF, PNG, and JPG files to PDF to ensure images display consistently.

Convert PDFs to images

Convert PDFs to JPG, TIF, GIF, BMP, and PNG files to repurpose PDF content as images.

Archive Important PDFs

Convert PDFs to the PDF/A standard to ensure documents are preserved long-term.

Merge and Split PDFs

Split or merge PDFs to isolate or combine PDF content for ultimate specificity.

Zip Your Files

Zip files to send or store PDFs all in one place. Maintain security when sending via internet.

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