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Datalogics has helped businesses & developers around the world convert documents, extract data, handle forms, print, and much more. Our flexible PDF processing and management tools enable our clients to automate and streamline document workflows. We make documents work.

Our Datalogics Cloud offering allows you to use our robust document processing technologies via cloud-based workflows. If you’re looking to spin up your own EC2 server that powers a RESTful API, we’ve got you covered!

Your feedback plays an important role in the direction of future development. Let us know what you’re looking for when it comes to processing documents in the cloud, and help us build something you believe in.

Our Cloud Offerings


PDF Utility API


Get up and running quickly in just a few clicks on Amazon to use our RESTful API. Our AWS AMI is ideal for those who want to fully control their own process, or integrate functionality into their own services.


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something else?


Are you looking for cloud capabilities that we don’t have available yet? Reach out and let us know what type of features and capabilities you’re looking for, and we’ll keep you in the loop on future developments.

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