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Connect your favorite applications with the free Datalogics PDF Utility on Zapier to create a quick and easy document processing workflow. Datalogics PDF Utility currently enables you to automate document conversion to and from PDF. The document capabilities of Datalogics PDF Utility will continue to grow, so we encourage you to revisit often to see what’s new.

Zapier enables users to automate repetitive tasks without needing developer knowledge or coding experience. Connect one or more applications with Datalogics PDF Utility, such as Google Drive, Slack, and Gmail, to create your own custom document workflow in just a few clicks. No Datalogics account required!

No-Code Development;
Clicks, Not Code!

There’s no need for coding or scripting skills when working with Datalogics PDF Utility and other Zapier apps! Instead, users take advantage of a clean interface to create their workflows with a few simple clicks
No-code solutions provide a way for non-technical users to create their own powerful tools; no developers required!

What can Datalogics PDF Utility do for you?

Create PDFs from Office files

Microsoft Office files perform as expected within the Microsoft ecosystem, but can cause problems outside it. 

For those that don’t have Microsoft Office applications, converting to a standard document type is a must.

Supports Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files

Transform web content to PDF

Web content can be displayed differently based on device, OS, and browser. 

Converting web content to a PDF ensures a consistent layout of content that can be shared, referenced, and stored offline.

Enables conversion from both HTML files and direct URLs

Turn images to PDF

Images can change based on the method & format with which they are shared, and the app or device used to open them. 

Users that need to share images for feedback need to convert to PDF to ensure images display consistently.

Convert BMP, TIF, PNG, and JPG files to PDF

Convert PDFs to images

PDFs can contain unneeded filler pages, and images locked into specific display requirements.
Those looking to repurpose specific materials for marketing, educational, reference, or any other reason can separate out pages and images from their PDFs.
Supported file types include JPG, TIF, GIF, BMP, and PNG

See Datalogics PDF Utility in action!

Use Case: Converting to PDF helps you manage all your documents with one standard format
Organizations can find themselves working with a mountain of documents with different file types. Not everyone, internal & external, will have the software needed to open and interact with these documents. If they do have capable software, it doesn't always mean files will be displayed in a consistent manner.

Converting documents to the standard PDF format maintains content, data integrity, and the intended layout. Ensure internal users and customers can easily open and reference these PDFs with Datalogics PDF Utility. No-code experience needed; just make a few clicks to create a custom document processing workflow with Zapier.
Use Case: Share and view data and reports from CRMs consistently with PDFs
The worlds #1 CRM contains customer, financial, product, and feedback data. Accessing this data requires a license, and granting licenses to individuals across multiple departments can get costly quickly.

The worlds #1 CRM also only presents data in CSV or other Excel compatible formats. Recipients without compatible software can sometimes not see the data presented as expected.

Create a Zap with Datalogics PDF Utility to convert CRM reports to PDFs and automatically distribute to stakeholders. PDFs maintain data integrity and guarantee data preservation consistency for every recipient. No need to pay for licenses or require users to use compatible document viewers independently.

Powered by Datalogics PDF Utility API

Our Zapier App is powered by the Datalogics PDF Utility API, a RESTful API now available in the AWS Marketplace.

Whether you’re building enterprise workflow solutions or your own app to process digital documents, you can spin up a unique instance of the API in just a few easy steps.

Looking for something you don't see here?

Are you looking for cloud capabilities that we don’t yet provide? Want to help us shape this product? Reach out and let us know, and we’ll keep you in the loop on future development and offerings.

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