Security for Your Content and Your Community

  • Keep your content curated, secure, and collaborative
  • Control digital rights to your content
  • Protect your intellectual property
  • Now available as a hosted service

One Platform. One Vendor. One Solution.

A Secure Digital Solution to Publish and Manage Content, and Measure Success

It is important to ensure that your content is available to the appropriate users yet is protected from unauthorized sharing, copying, printing, downloading, or saving. Controlled content and on-demand access control with Digital Rights Management (DRM) through READynamic allows for the confidence that you and your content are protected. When implementing READynamic to secure your content you will also have the benefits of interactive collaboration, multimedia curation, analytics, and assessments.

READynamic is now available as a hosted service offering powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Use READynamic to protect digital content for:

- Training and Educational Materials
- Associations Content and Accreditation
- Library Materials and Archives
- Market Intelligence
- Industry Reports & Standards
- Confidential or Sensitive Documents/Data

Protect your intellectual property, share without risk, and evolve basic content to dynamic content. READynamic is a fully supported end-to-end solution that is available for iOS, Android, and Browser reading.


  • Digital rights management (DRM)
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Supports Open Educational Resources (OER)
  • IMS Global LTI-Certified
  • Curated multimedia
  • Quizzes and monitored results
  • Question Test Interoperability (QTI) Standard
  • Customized splash screen
  • Dynamic browser branding
  • Browser-based and mobile reading
  • Task-based permissions
  • Offline reading

READynamic Demo Videos

A quick walk through of some of the many features of the READynamic.
Click the links below to view additional demo videos.



READynamic Server runs on Linux. READynamic desktop clients are browser-based and support all modern browsers; and runs on Chromebooks, too. READynamic native mobile apps are available for iOS, Android, Surface and Surface Pro.

Pricing and Licensing

READynamic can be licensed to software developers who are developing education and learning solutions. Technical Support and regular updates are provided via our Support and Maintenance program. Pricing for READynamic is situation-dependent but generally includes an initial license fee and annual maintenance and support fees. The READynamic SDK is licensed separately.

To discuss your specific situation with a Datalogics Sales Representative, please contact us.