Adobe® PDF Library SDK

  • Built with the same core technology that Adobe uses to build Acrobat 
  • Designed for C++,  .NET (C# or VB.NET), .NET Core and Java
  • Manipulate, merge, and split PDFs
  • Extract trapped data from your documents
  • New: Linux & Mac ARM Support

Adobe PDF Library Benefits

New: Linux & Mac ARM Support

ARM chips are changing the development landscape based on their efficient low power consumption, reduced heat generation, and a massive amount of cores compared to intel chips.

Reduce power consumption, operating cost, and your carbon footprint by using Adobe PDF Library SDK for Linux & Mac ARM. 

.NET Core Framework Support

Adobe PDF Library SDK now has full support for the latest .NET Core (v 3.1) standards. Now you can develop using a single codebase that will successfully deploy across Windows, Linux, and macOS devices. Achieve optimal performance and easier maintenance with the .NET Core framework.

Built for Software Developers

Our solutions are designed for developers first. The Adobe PDF Library SDK contains a powerful set of native C/C++ APIs with interfaces for .NET, .NET Core, and Java. It’s a modern, easy-to-use SDK with API documentation and customizable applications that makes it easy to achieve your project requirements.

Top Tier Support

If you ever need help using the Adobe PDF Library, you will have direct access to the engineers who built it and use it every day. Whether you need help getting started or want to know how to best implement our product into your workflow, our experienced and dedicated support team is here to help you.

Additional Benefits

The flexibility of the Adobe PDF Library allows developers to tightly embed Adobe PDF functionality within client and/or server solutions. The library also provides a consistent, reliable, accurate, and supported implementation of the latest Adobe PDF specification. Here are some of the great benefits you’ll get with the Adobe PDF Library:

High-performance, scalable, and optimized PDF processing

Ability to create PDF files of virtually any size

Flexible implementation of powerful Adobe PDF solutions

In-house support for a broad range of platforms

Exceptional quality and reliability of proven Adobe PDF technology

Compliance with the latest Adobe PDF specification

Supported Platforms





Solaris Intel

Solaris Sparc

HP/UX Itanium

Adobe PDF Library Key Features

Quality Bulk PDF Rendering & Viewing

Whether you’re a fan of using Java, C++, .NET or .NET Core, the Adobe PDF Library SDK covers your PDF viewing and rendering needs. Looking to implement programmatic PDF rendering, and at scale? We’ve got your back. Need to render PDF content into a wide variety of image formats? No problem. Have any complex or problematic documents? We’ll render it correctly.

There’s a ton of data embedded in a PDF; fonts, text, graphics, metadata, code, and more. Embedded content can be either rasterized or vectorized into a rendered visualization, which is then viewed, printed, or saved.

PDF Manipulation

Editing PDFs has never been simpler with the best-in-class PDF manipulation tools within the Adobe PDF Library. Create, view, bookmark, compress, and modify PDF data; all from within the software application. The advanced manipulation capabilities in the PDF library were designed to conquer any PDF-related task.

Need to add PDF annotations or remove image watermarks? No problem. Need to seamlessly embed fonts, images, & graphics? It can do that too. Need to split or merge sensitive documents? No big deal. Adobe PDF Library allows you to change or edit PDF content without a second thought.

Extract Data From Your PDFs

PDFs are essentially the digital equivalent of paper; easy to use, share, and file away. The downside is that it’s tough to efficiently pull data from a piece of paper. Luckily, it is possible to pull useful data from your documents by using PDF data extraction.

Adobe PDF Library can easily batch extract important data from your PDFs. Batch processing improves efficiency and reduces the need for inaccurate manual data entry. Our powerful SDK can parse and scrape images, text, tables, and metadata from your documents.

Even More PDF Library Features

Assemble PDFs

Insert, delete, and extract pages from an Adobe PDF file. Merge several Adobe PDF files into a single file


Password-protect your PDF files to restrict viewing, printing, and editing


Use the PDFProcessor plug-in to convert an existing PDF into a PDF/A-1b, PDF/A-2, or PDF/A-3 compliant file

OCR Support

Convert different types of PDF files into editable and searchable data, with Tesseract 4 support

Transparent Layers

Enable the creation of optional layers for selective viewing of content

Compress PDF Files

Create compact Adobe PDF files. Supports JPEG2000, CCITT, LZW, Flate, and JBIG2


Utilize server-based, high-volume printing and variable data printing

Search & Index

Create indexes of Adobe PDF files. Supports a wide variety of languages

PDF Watermarks

Easily add watermarks and add comments with PDF annotations​

Interested in Learning More?

How is Adobe PDF Library Licensed?

Our toolkits can be licensed to software developers who embed the technology into their applications (OEM), as well as for enterprise customers looking to build applications for internal use. 

Pricing is highly situational but generally includes a licence fee and per-platform annual maintenance and support fees. Additionally, royalties are incurred for applications built for sale.

Let's Get Technical

We’ve put together some supporting materials to help you get acquainted with the Adobe PDF Library.

If you’re interested in learning how the Adobe PDF Library works under the hood, check out our resources and documentation. Have more questions? Engage with other Datalogics community members on our forum.

Need Extra Form Functionality?

The Forms Extension for Adobe PDF Library is a software module that allows applications built using the Adobe PDF Library to work with PDF AcroForm and XFA forms documents (both static and dynamic).

Use PDF Forms Extension to:

  • Flatten both XFA and AcroForms documents
  • Convert XFA to AcroForms
  • Import & Export XFA & AcroForms data
  • Build appearance streams for fields and annotations

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