Forms Extension

  • Software Module for the Adobe PDF Library (APDFL)
  • Flatten XFA (Static/Dynamic) & AcroForms
  • Convert XFA to AcroForm
  • Import & Export XFA & AcroForms Data

Convert and Flatten PDF Forms

The Forms Extension module allows applications built using the Adobe PDF Library to work with PDF AcroForm and XFA forms documents (both static and dynamic).

When you install the Forms Extension, it becomes a seamless part of the Adobe PDF Library and extends the compatibility and functions available in Adobe Acrobat to server-based forms document workflows. Please note that you must purchase or already own/license APDFL to add on the Forms Extension features.

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Forms Extension Features

AcroForms, Static & Dynamic XFA Flattening

Lock any interactivity with your PDF forms by flattening your document into one layer

Convert XFA to AcroForms

Use a format that is compatible with existing PDF software, but keep the ability to interact with PDF forms

Import Forms Data

Populate blank form fields from an external data source. Works for both XFA & AcroForms

Export Forms Data

Export forms data to an external source. Works for both XFA & AcroForms

Built for the Adobe PDF Library

Designed to work with Adobe PDF Library for C++, .NET, and Java

Appearance Stream Generation

Build appearances for fields & annotations when saving the document

Adobe & Acrobat JS Support

Can handle Adobe or Acrobat JavaScript variations

Flatten for Print or Screen Viewing

Fine tune what form fields & data are visible in output files

Validate Static or Dynamic XFA

Programmatically validate, per document, whether form content is static or dynamic

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