Adobe® Experience Reader Extensions

  • Reader extend PDFs for use with Adobe Reader 
  • Generate dynamic barcodes in free Adobe Reader
  • Built from core technologies used in Adobe LiveCycle & Adobe Experience Manager
  • No IT infrastructure or software installation needed
  • Available as a service; we’ll reader extend your PDFs for you 

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AERE Features

Dynamic Barcodes & Fillable Forms

Adobe Reader has barcode and form processing capabilities, but these features are not accessible to users. Adobe Experience Reader Extensions allow authors/creators of PDFs to unlock these features. Form data capture, data export, barcode generation, and more allow you to automate form data collection within Adobe Reader. Without usage rights activated, these features cannot be enabled or accessed.

Reader Extensions & Form Processing

Collecting form data can be challenging, especially when processing large quantities of documents. We’re offering a solution to this problem; Adobe Experience Reader Extensions (AERE). AERE is a web-based service that applies Reader Enablement to the PDF forms documents that you send us. Reader Enablement sets up a PDF document so that a user can edit that document in the free Adobe Reader tool. This tool allows users to add comments, digital signatures, barcodes and more in the Adobe Reader app.

Built from Adobe Technology

Adobe LiveCycle Reader Extensions is a module within the LiveCycle Java stack. Adobe Experience Reader Extensions is built off the same core technology used to create LiveCycle Reader Extensions and Adobe Experience Manager. AERE is an affordable standalone solution that doesn’t require IT infrastructure or complex implementation. 

See How Customers Use AERE

Learn in more detail about how Adobe Experience Reader Extensions can solve document workflow problems. See how dynamic barcode generation makes handling form data a breeze. 

International Manufacturing

An international manufacturing company needed to generate dynamic QR codes on PDF forms that have 20 fillable text fields.

With AERE, they were able to easily add that functionality into their existing workflow.

University Registration

A University needed to use PDF forms with QR Codes for thesis registration in their Business Information Systems department.

The thesis registration form is filled by about 200 students per year, so they needed a reliable tool to help create and implement dynamic barcode generation to handle all of the data.

AERE allowed them to achieve what they set out to do and they were able to register all of their students seamlessly.

Microbiology Samples

A microbiology lab needed to create form-fillable PDFs with dynamic QR codes that could be deployed to customers who can complete the form, print it, and send it with laboratory samples.

The lab successfully implemented AERE and was able to use a QR code scanner at the lab to extract the form data they needed.

AERE Benefits

Get the most out of your form data and simplify your workflow with these benefits. 

Generate dynamic barcodes in free Adobe Reader

Licensed as a service; no IT infrastructure needed

Limit repetitive manual data entry

Built from same tech as Adobe LiveCycle and AEM

Optimize your document workflow

Easily import and export form data

View Our Sample Reader Extended PDF

After downloading this PDF and opening it in Adobe Reader, you’ll be able to input your own information into each field. This Reader-extended PDF automatically creates a customized barcode in real-time that captures all of your data for easy processing. You have the option to print the completed PDF form, and can also easily scan the rendered barcode containing all of the completed form information.

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