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  • Extract Data from PDFs
  • Convert Extracted Data to HTML, XML, JSON, CSV, TXT or EPUB
  • Complex Table & Database Processing
  • PDF Data Scraping at Scale
  • Extract Text from Images with OCR Integration

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PDF Alchemist Features

Accurate Data and Table Extraction

Data stored inside PDFs is often locked down or otherwise inaccessible. When you need to access this data, extraction is the only reliable and scalable way to do so. PDF Alchemist accurately extracts data from your PDFs, while keeping the overall structure and styling intact.

Scrape Data from PDF

Manual data entry is tiresome, prone to errors, and expensive. Remove this painful step in your document workflow by utilizing our PDF scraping technology. Just like web scraping, PDF scraping allows you to automatically convert text into structured data.

Export into HTML, XML, CSV, or EPUB for Flexible Workflow Integrations

PDF Alchemist extraction gives you the option to export as HTML, XML, JSON, CSV, or EPUB. This flexibility allows you to choose the right format for the right situation. HTML is ideal if you want to maintain style and formatting, while XML or JSON is great if you just need the raw data instead. 

CSV output option offers flexibility in being both user readable and easy to import into other applications (databases, Excel, CMS, and more). Alternatively, export data as a plain text file to cut down on file-size and open with any text processing application.

PDF Alchemist Functionality

OCR Support

Extract text from scanned documents and images

Flexible Integration Options

Choose between an SDK or an easy-to-use command-line interface

Tailored Output Options

Export into HTML, XML, JSON, CSV or EPUB; fine tune your extracted data format

Multilingual Extraction

Easily process PDFs containing multiple languages

Advanced Table Processing

Extract data locked within tables; choose either bordered or borderless

Accurate Form Extraction

Convert PDF form documents into HTML forms; convert PDF form actions with JavaScript

PDF Alchemist Benefits

PDF Alchemist offers many benefits to help you get the most out of the data stored in your PDFs. The following are just some of the many advantages of using this product.

Preserve formatting data such as font styles, layout, justification, indents, margins, lists, tables, and hyperlinks

Reconstruct source files for optimal responsive content delivery across all devices

Improve searching and indexing of PDFs within document repositories

Accurate data and information reconstruction allows for less manual data entry

Database exports can easily be plugged into big-data & business intelligence workflows

Bulk-process and manage business documents like invoices, purchase orders, price lists, and more

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