PDF Optimizer ™

  • Compress PDF File Size
  • Archive PDFs (PDF/A)
  • Maintain Original PDF Integrity
  • Preset optimization profiles you can adjust to your needs
  • Built upon Adobe PDF Library

PDF Optimizer Features

PDF Compression

In today’s connected world it’s becoming a necessity to optimize and compress your documents. Smaller files are much easier to share, but how can you avoid reducing quality as well? With PDF Optimizer, you can shrink PDF file size without compromising document fidelity. Our PDF compression tool can be easily implemented directly into your existing workflow in just a few minutes. Batch processing capabilities make it easy to share optimized PDFs across your organization, or to your customers.

PDF Archiving (PDF/A)

PDFs can contain a ton of information, but storage isn’t always unlimited. Archiving PDFs (PDF/A) is the only solution if storing large amounts of information is critical. Proper long-term preservation ensures that there’s no information or quality loss, but makes storage easy. PDF Optimizer has PDF/A output built into the tool, which is ideal for applications in the legal, finance, pharma, and tech industries, just to name a few.

Pairs With PDF Checker

PDF Checker now offers an output report in JSON format for conditionally driven workflows.  You can now streamline and programmatically drive PDF Optimizer processes based on conditions reported by PDF Checker. With PDF Checker you can collect/aggregate/analyze data for all your PDFs and also confirm PDF/A compliance.

Every download of PDF Optimizer comes with a free copy of PDF Checker.

PDF Optimizer Functionality

Reliable Technology

PDF Optimizer is built on the same core technology that Adobe® uses to build Acrobat

Long Term Preservation

Preserve your documents for the long haul with the best PDF/A and optimization technology

True Color Management

Accurate color conversions for your ideal target medium and application

Bulk Processing

Automate your PDF compression by integrating into existing document workflows

Image Handling

Reduce image resolution while maintaining fidelity

Flatten Transparencies

Optimize flattened documents and improve document portability

PDF Optimizer Benefits

Optimize your PDFs the right way, using a powerful tool that also offers countless benefits. With PDF Optimizer, you’ll get all of this and more.

Easily configurable to meet the requirements for both mobile and desktop viewing

Implement settings without needing any prior PDF experience

Reduce PDF file size for quicker downloads, without sacrificing quality

Address the needs of users; improve engagement rates across your site

Ensure you’re adhering to long-term archiving standards with PDF/A

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