Adobe® PDF Library ™

Build with the same core technology that Adobe uses to build Acrobat

  • Create, edit, inspect, render, and print PDFs
  •  C++, C#, .NET and Java interfaces and extensive code samples
  • Futureproof and fully-supported by PDF experts

Incorporate Adobe's PDF functionality into your own applications

The Adobe PDF Library SDK is a low-level PDF library that contains a powerful set of native C/C++ APIs with interfaces Adobe for .NET and Java. Systems integrators, independent software vendors (ISVs), enterprise IT developers, and others can integrate Adobe PDF functionality within custom applications in a client and / or server environment.


We have hundreds of customers using the Adobe PDF Library in a diverse set of enterprise applications. Some of the most commonly-used features include:

  • Create PDFs
  • Edit PDFs
  • Assemble PDFs
  • Embed and subset fonts
  • View & Render PDF files
  • Add annotations and watermarks
  • OCR support
  • Password-protect PDF files
  • Extract text, metadata, images, & graphics
  • Convert to PDF/A-1 and PDF/A-2
  • PDF optimization

Forms Extension for APDFL and Forms Management

The Forms Extension for Adobe PDF Library is a software module that allows applications built using the Adobe PDF Library to work with PDF AcroForm and XFA forms documents (both static and dynamic). Use PDF Forms Extension to:

  • Flatten both XFA and AcroForms documents
  • Convert XFA to AcroForms
  • Import & Export XFA & AcroForms data
  • Build appearance streams for fields and annotations


The Adobe PDF Library is available on multiple different platforms. The SDK is written as a C/C++ PDF API, but we also provide language interfaces for Java, .NET (C#).

  • Windows 32-bit
  • Windows 64-bit
  • Mac 32-bit
  • Mac 64-bit
  • Linux 32-bit
  • Linux 64-bit
  • Solaris Sparc 32-bit
  • Solaris Sparc 64-bit
  • Solaris Intel 32-bit
  • Solaris Intel 64-bit
  • AIX 32-bit
  • AIX 64-bit
  • HP/UX PA-RISC 32-bit
  • HP/UX PA-RISC 64-bit
  • HP/UX Itanium 32-bit
  • HP/UX Itanium 64-bit

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For all other Adobe PDF Library Developer Resources, visit our Developer Resources area.


Our toolkits can be licensed to software developers who embed the technology into their applications (OEM), as well as for enterprise customers looking to build applications for internal use. Technical Support and regular updates are provided via our Support and Maintenance program – this enables you to keep your application current and compatible with the latest versions of Acrobat/Reader and the PDF Specification as they are released.


Our customers have integrated our toolkits into a vast array of applications with a wide variety of deployment configurations. Pricing for our products is highly situation-dependent but generally includes an initial license fee and per-platform annual maintenance and support fees. In addition, royalties are incurred for those applications intended for sale. Some companies may also qualify for special small business pricing.


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