PDF2EPUB Converter

Convert PDFs to fixed layout EPUB files that you can download and save locally


Convert PDF documents to EPUBs

PDF2EPUB is a scriptable server tool that converts PDF files into EPUB files. This conversion preserves the visual layout and positioning of PDF elements: text, line art, images and other visual content, in standard EPUB3 format.  

Users are able see the contents of PDF files as their authors intended, in their favorite EPUB3-compatible eBook reading environment.

Once converted, you can:

  • Extract the contents of the EPUB file, edit it and repackage it using widely available standard EPUB tools
  • Use EPUBs to add embedded audio and video files using an EPUB editor
  • Expand the availability of the content to applications that do not support PDFs
  • Support text to speech capability, if your reader supports that functionality


Common uses for PDF2EPUB tool:

  • Accommodate eBook readers and users where PDF support is not available or is less developed
  • Accommodate document editors and publishers who prefer to use EPUB3 tools for editing and touching up eBook files
  • Bring PDF file support into existing reading systems without the development cost of adding PDF file rendering
  • Take advantage of sharing and interactive experience environments built around the use of EPUB documents
  • Allow embedding audio and video for PDF content into EPUB reading systems
  • Increase compliance and improve user experience by supporting text to speech and read-aloud capabilities for PDF documents

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