Datalogics offers a few special options for those looking to perfect their content publishing implementation. Looking to get into eBook publishing? Want to create your own publishing solutions? Check out our products below.

Adobe Content Server

  • Digitally protect PDF and EPUB eBooks
  • Easily integrates with existing libraries
  • Content is compatible with most devices
  • Adobe vendor ID authorization

DL Composer

  • FOSI composition engine for large documents
  • Output to PDF and PostScript
  • Support InDesign Markup Language (IDML)
  • Looseleaf publishing capabilities

Adobe Reader Mobile SDK

  • Build customized branded eReader apps
  • EPUB3, EPUB2, and PDF support
  • Compatible with Adobe Content Server
  • PDF reflow for small screens

Adobe InDesign Server

  • Automate design, layout, and typography
  • Flexible development environment
  • Supports InDesign Markup Language (IDML)
  • Create more more powerful publishing solutions

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