Adobe® Content Server

  • Digitally Protect PDF and EPUB eBooks
  • Easily Integrates with Existing Libraries
  • Protected Content is Compatible with Desktop, Mobile, & Other Dedicated Devices
  • Adobe Vendor ID for Streamlining of Device Activation and Content Authorization

Adobe Content Server Features


Adobe Content Server 6 (ACS) is a robust server solution that digitally protects PDF and EPUB eBooks. Make use of a seamless purchase and fulfillment experience used by hundreds of bookstores, schools, and libraries. ACS easily integrates with existing bookstore libraries and educational solutions.

Adobe Vendor ID

Adobe Vendor ID works with Adobe Reader Mobile SDK and ACS to enable the streamlining of device activation. This includes the content authorization process and improving the eReading experience for users. Vendors gain more control over the authorization process, and the dependency on Adobe ID for users is eliminated.

Adobe Vendor ID supports a joining mechanism, allowing Adobe ID-based user accounts to be “joined” with Vendor ID based accounts. For more information on Joining Accounts, please contact us.

Adobe Content Server Functionality & Benefits

Support for subscription-based models

Preload and bulk fulfillment options

Easy content management across devices

Manage print/copy functionality

Expirable permissions; return content to the lender after a specified period​

Geo-based pricing options

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