Activation pro unlicensed (-160)no such file or directory (error: 2)

Community ForumCategory: PDF2PRINTActivation pro unlicensed (-160)no such file or directory (error: 2)
Alan asked 1 year ago

Today I get the following error

Error -160 verifying activation key

Activation pro unlicensed (-160)no such file or directory (error: 2)

PDF2PRINT license failure

I can’t work at all and I have try to reinstall it.

But still failure.

Any can help me


1 Answers
Datalogics Staff answered 8 months ago

Please make sure that your machine has access to the internet. The PDF2Print activation license periodically checks with our activation server to ensure validity of the installation.

It was possible that that activation server was down at that particular time hence the error but the activation server is up and running and you should not run into this problem.

If the problem persist, please contact us here so that we can have this resolved:

Datalogics Support

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