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Corey Staff asked 2 years ago

Can I choose to make PDF documents with FLIP2PDF that do not have embedded fonts?

1 Answers
Corey Staff answered 2 years ago

FLIP2PDF is designed by default to automatically embed in the output PDF document any fonts used to create that document. This is considered a best practice for creating PDF files. With the fonts embedded in the PDF file, the file will always look the same wherever it is opened, because the viewer tool (such as Adobe Reader) does not need to look for a font on the local machine, and substitute a font used in the file with another if it can’t find the original there.

If you wanted to create a PDF document that is smaller, it is possible to do without font embedding. A PDF document could in fact be considerably smaller if it uses Mandarin or Japanese characters, for example, because these Asian character sets are generally very large.

But it is not possible to select an option using FLIP2PDF to disable font embedding. Any PDF document you create using FLIP2PDF will have every font needed to render the document embedded in that PDF document.

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