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Corey Staff asked 2 years ago

FLIP2PDF is a simple command line utility for Windows and Linux 64-bit platforms that you can use to convert files into PDF documents. You can enter a FLIP2PDF command manually, or you can create a workflow with a FLIP2PDF command in a batch file that can generate hundreds or even thousands of PDF documents automatically.

You can use FLIP2PDF to turn Postscript files, graphic images, and Microsoft Office files into PDF files. The process supports earlier versions of Microsoft Office as well as the more recent Open XML format:

  • PostScript and Encapsulated PostScript
  • Word documents, doc and docx
  • Excel spreadsheets, xls and xlsx
  • PowerPoint documents, ppt and pptx
  • TIFF, JPG, BMP, and PNG graphic files

To learn more about how to use FLIP2PDF, find the product documentation on our developer’s site.

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