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Corey Staff asked 2 years ago

When I used FLIP2PDF to convert a Word document with an Arabic font to a PDF document, the Arabic characters did not appear in the PDF output file.

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Corey Staff answered 2 years ago

Your problem is that FLIP2PDF can’t find the font it needs to convert the Word document to a PDF file. The font must be installed on the machine running FLIP2PDF, or the machine must be able to find an alternate font file that can be applied to the PDF document as a substitute. What probably happened is that someone was working with a Word document on a computer with the Arabic font installed, but then copied the file to a different computer running FLIP2PDF. Maybe the plan was to complete a batch process where several hundred documents were converted to PDF files automatically, and so the problem was not noticed until another user tried to open and review the PDF output document after the process was complete.

A font for Arabic characters is distinctive, so this font file will need to be installed manually on the machine where FLIP2PDF is also installed. Fonts with specialized characters, like Arabic, Mandarin, or Korean language fonts, won’t be provided as a default with Windows or installed with standard applications like Microsoft Office.

FLIP2PDF is designed by default to automatically embed in the output PDF document any fonts used to create that document. This is considered a best practice for creating PDF files. With the fonts embedded in the PDF file, the file will always look the same wherever it is opened, because the viewer tool (such as Adobe Reader) does not need to look for a font on the local machine. But to generate the PDF document with the embedded font using FLIP2PDF, the font must be available.

Besides having the font installed on the same machine as FLIP2PDF, it is also possible to embed the font in a Microsoft Office source document, such as a Word file or PowerPoint presentation. Then FLIP2PDF can find the font in the source file itself. Within Word, click File and Options. Click the Save option, and then check the box “Embed fonts in the document” and click OK. The specialized font you are viewing in the Word document will be added to that document, and thus travel with that document to any other machine.

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