How can I update a product after purchase?

Community ForumCategory: General Store SupportHow can I update a product after purchase?
Corey Staff asked 1 year ago

I received a notice that a new version of a product that I purchased has been released. How do I download this update?

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Corey Staff answered 1 year ago

You can obtain a copy of the latest release by following this procedure:

  • Visit the Datalogics web site and navigate to the Shop > My Account page.
  • Login using the same account you used to initially purchased your product.
  • After logging in you should see your purchase and corresponding download link on the left side of the screen under subscriptions.
  • Click on the download link for the purchased product you wish updated.
  • You will be shown the Product Purchase Confirmation page. This page will contain new download link for the current version of your product.

NOTES: On updating your product.

  • Be sure to make a safe copy of any scripts or JSON Profile Settings you may have created or changed.
  • If you intend to update the product in place (not changing the currently installed location) simply install the new version.
  • If you intend to change the installation location, you must uninstall the current version. When you install the new version you will be prompted for a license key and you may use the key provided with the initial product purchase.
  • Any time you uninstall a product that requires a key for installation you will need to apply the key again when the product is reinstalled.