how to open a PDF file with PDF2IMG

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Wesley asked 1 year ago

I want to open a pdf and convert it to tiff. The API shows this:
LoadInput(Byte[] inputBuffer, …)
Where inputBuffer is “The memory buffer containing the input document to be imported into PDF2IMG”.
My question is, how do I fill that buffer with the PDF file? Do I just say “LoadImput( “c:\temp\mypdf.pdf”) ?
Or do I have to create a buffer and load it? And how would I do that using C#? Is there an example program somewhere?

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Corey Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Wesley,

Having the file name like that in LoadInput would be acceptable. Something like this:

You can then use ConvertPageToImage or ConvertAllPagesToTIFFImage as your next API call to get what you want done.

You can find more information about these APIs and all the others here:

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