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Datalogics Staff asked 2 years ago

Does PDF Alchemist convert PDF forms into HTML forms?

1 Answers
Datalogics Staff answered 2 years ago

Yes! PDF Alchemist converts Acrobat PDF forms into HTML forms. Acrobat PDF (AcroForm) forms are converted by PDF Alchemist into fixed‐layout HTML in order to preserve the visual appearance of PDF forms and allow for users to fill out and interact with the form fields.

For simple PDF forms where it is more important to reflow text than it is to preserve the appearance of the form, use the disableacroform option in the SDK, or the -reflowForms command line statement, and set it to “True.” This will prompt PDF Alchemist to reflow form elements rather than preserving the appearance. For more complicated PDF forms, however, this may lead to unexpected results.

PDF Alchemist does not convert XML forms architecture (XFA).

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