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decimal asked 2 years ago

Hello there, we are a company which uses the RMSDK framework for a client of an iOS App. We wanted to ask the following questions:

1. Is there a way to print which version of the RMSDK our iOS App client is using?
2. In the RMSDK features published in your website you mention this:

Fixed Layout EPUB: Render interactive EPUB books with live text — such as children’s books, cookbooks, travel books, and textbooks — that are rich with illustrations, photos, audio, video, or animations. Layout and design remain fixed no matter the size of screen they’re being viewed on.”
Does this mean that there could be some problems when handling device orientation with Autolayout thus is suggested to use a fixed position when we add our elements inside the Reader??

Thank you for your time,


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Corey Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Gianni,

We have an ePub that’ll produce the RMSDK version of the app, attached. But you can print the RMSDK version using getVersionInfo() (see dp_ext.h). The string it fetches is set by setVersionInfo().

I’m not aware of any Autolayout specific issues that would encourage someone to use fixed layout for their ePub files. Which one you choose just comes down to your intentions for the ePub.

Fixed layout is just a different way to display the ePub, and was added in ePub 3. It’s intended for eBooks where the layout shouldn’t change, like a magazine or comic page. Reflowable ePubs will change to fit the size / dimensions of the screen, and are suitable for most books. If the book includes images among the text, and it’s not critical that the image appears in a certain position, it’s probably fine for the book to be reflowable.

Datalogics Support

datalogics-support replied 2 years ago

Do you mean attached inside the RMSDK? if so could you tell me the path?

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